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Friday, December 30, 2011

30 + Tips On How To Brand Yourself For Success Part 2

Hi again,

First and foremost, let me say sorry for taking long to post part 2 of the first article of this as well as the monthly update.

To cut the long story short, let's get ahead with our part two which is what I am going to share with you today. If you don't know what I mean about this article that I am talking about, then, I shall include the link of part 1 at the end of this article. So don't worry. Hope you get along.

To continue with our previous numbering, we had reached up to Number 15 which was Self Discipline. Next is.....

16. Respectful.

Anything that might annoy the people around you matters to your brand. However unskilled(newbie), poor or whatsoever person you think to be of no value to you or your brand is a mistake which contribute to the failure of many who want to brand and build their reputation. So be respectful to others and they will in turn return the favour.

17. Be Punctual.

I don't mean to come in/on time but fulfil people's expectations. I know some may want to condemn me because of my failure, and I beg your pardon in my ability which I was unable. I hope it is settled.

Anyway, the punctuality I mean, for instance, you want to deliver a product or anything to your clients, then be punctual and try to do it toy your best and within their expectations as well as the given period.

18. Keen and Attentive.

If you have a business, your customers are the first priority you have to be keen and pay attention to them.

If you are a blogger; readers' comments, suggestions and criticisms are a must whereas to a website owner; complains, views, opinions etc, range on top.
So keep your eyes open to likely brand-related or success tips that will increase your chances of improving your productivity and creativity.

19. Set Goals.

Goals guide us towards the ideal life of our dreams. Setting personal goals put your life in a clear light which let you define and know what you have achieved and what you haven't.
Brand yourself and build reputation by setting your short, medium and long term goals now.

20. Hard working.

Hard work pays and only to those whose hands are brown with soil can receive the rewards. We got to work to eat. Isn't it so?

If you are a Bible reader, please, turn to what Apostle Paul said in 2 Thessalonians 3:10.(Whoever refuse to work is not allowed to eat) You may read it at your spare time. While for those who don't read it(Bible), just keep in mind that working is the sure way to make a living in life.
Otherwise, to us all, we should do all we can to be what we want to be and have all we want to have.

21.Purpose informed.

Why do you want to be successful or in other words, why do you want to live the life you dream of?

We have different answers to these questions but one thing that I want to share to you is; be informed always about why you do the things you do to brand yourself and build reputation to be successful.

22. Choose your network wisely.

People we associate or network with have roles they play in shaping our everyday lives. Be careful of those you network and share with. This either can be online or at your locality.
Associating with like-mind individuals enhance your personal brand growth and development.

You should choose wisely so as to help one another when one get stuck.

23. Create time for leisure and relaxation.

If you are a student, you got to spare some time for constructive leisure which will not indulge you in biases. If you are an internet marketer or any other professional in your field, what you want to achieve within the given mandate is important and so does your physical, psychological or emotional development in contribution to your being.

Good personal managers of themselves are those who know how to do things at the right place, at the right time and for the right reason.

Therefore, be cautious of your health by creating time for your leisure and relaxation in order to activate your mind's ability to process information for better results.

This I mean, health is also part of your personal brand which is image building. Look at celebrities for example, all they care about most is their bodies and health because they are very important.

24. Be knowledgeable and equipped

Various means and methods nowadays are ever-available which make it easier to build knowledge in many different type of fields. Means such as e-books, magazines as well as sources like forums, websites and blogs, you name them are all knowledge-gain places which anyone can use to equip his/herself.

Meaning you gain reputation to be an expert in that field or be on the know-how.
As a branding tip, you need knowledge of your niche so as to be considered fit enough for it and be capable in your competitiveness.

25. Consult when necessary.

You can't know anything until you learn that you don't know everything. Don't be too satisfied with ignorance that you don't need to consult anyone because you firmly or think that you know everything.
You have to consult others who might have experience and knowledge which you haven't known yet.

When you have doubt in what you know, what you've done or are about to do; please consider consulting someone you know can help you or anyone you value their criticisms. You'll be surprise at how much that person will reveals to you!

26. Accept correction.

To err is human. We all make mistakes and people who make the most out of their mistakes are those who accept corrections and the non-quitters.

Before you embark on to brand yourself, accept the mistakes you did and put into account all the corrections available for you and move on with your life.

Some people thinks failure is the end of everything but failures should motivate you by not dwelling on your past and correcting where you err.

27. Have visions and dreams.

Visions defines the way our life look like and dreams gives us a desire to make a vision a reality. Dream big and have visions for your ideal dreamt life as you brand yourself to be successful in life.

28. Be Neat.

Another little thing that I would also like to add to this is neatness. Whether the way you dress; how you organize your articles; the way you answer others; all you have to remember is to be neat always.

29. Take Actions Now!

You may continue to read, learn and arm yourself with all the information in this world but if you don't take actions, then it is vain and you will never see what you want to become. Instead, it is like chasing the wind which King Solomon tried to narrate.
You got to decide now and take actions by working.


As always, I love hearing from my reader, and this you can do by leaving your comment below. I'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, I left out number 30 and others to reduce time and would be glad if you don't mind.

I believe you must be getting tired now of this lengthy article. Thanks for your patience and hope you turn up next time.
Stay bless and have a good day.

Malok Mading

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Five Before Five Brand Growth & Development Tips

Hi dear reader,

I just celebrated my birthday recently. Sorry for not informing you earlier but I believe for those of you who have connected with me social networking sites such as Facebook, did received my special and regular updates.

This week, I am back with 5 things before 5PM tips as our today's article. Before I move on, I want to first say thank you for tuning in to this article and other articles from me.

What to learn from this article

This article is to give you some insight and guiding tips on why should come up with 5-to-do list of things before the day end everyday, a week in a month for a year.

In other words, I mean, for you to make the most out of your life, you've to come up with 5 things that you must do or add to your current life.

5 Before 5PM

The current world is going technological and it's not a surprise that 3 billion Internet users shall be achieve in no time. Majority can be gotten on social sites with most spending countless hours Facebooking, Twittering, some Kidding on Linkedin while others cheering on Youtube.

Though Internet has change our way of life, most individuals are losing precious time, effort and money which they could use to do other useful things.

Internet addiction as a by-product of the Internet, these days, is a fact and developing countries are finding it hard to control this modern form of human monsters. Apparently, there are a lot of job sackings; new relationships springing up; and more others are happening.

I, myself is also part of the Internet world running this blog, marketing here and there, posting updates on social sites and even making money with it!
If you've been surfing the net for long now, I want you to put a halt to it and sit down and think.
In short; this is how you are going to start.

Things you need are:

  • A pen or pencil
  • A writing pad or piece of paper
  • Time-to be alone with no obstruction.
Now get down and think of what you need to do. Go ahead and list down things you should do today and before the clock hit 5PM.
You may list many but choose five achievable tasks that you can be able to do. To give you hint on this technique; for instance, during my daily basis when I wake up in the morning, like today, I am doing the following:
  • I write two articles (one of them is this you are reading).
  • Read all my mails and reply to some.
  • Read a 370 page novel.
  • Research about five topics on five articles to write about next time.
  • Do my daily house chores and work as well.
And all these, I make sure that I finish them before I retire to bed with a five minute Bible reading and five minute prayer until I learn that I fall asleep while praying.

By the way, they are not the only things that I do in a day but I do other plenty of recurring things. I am just giving you some hints on how you can organize your day's session.

Therefore, if you'd like to be productive and make the most out of your day, get up every morning and choose 5 things you must accomplish before the day ends regardless of its simplicity or hardness.

It may seem hard but with time and determination, you'll find that you are used to it and in actual sense, you've achieved a lot. The five things you should do may be on:
  • Something that will build a foundation for your future success e.g.a business.
  • Boost your knowledge to be creative and productive e.g. A course or a book.
  • Improve your life.
  • Help others(volunteer) or paid job as well other things that can contribute to your life directly or indirectly.

Hints and Tips

For you to consistently maintain and be successful with this method, the following tips and hints will help you.
  1. Firstly, avoid procrastination and maintain discipline to yourself
  2. Schedule your time such that one task not take much time instead balance it.
  3. A journal or writing pad will be helpful in jotting down your list.
  4. Set an alarm in your personal mobile phone to help remind you of what to do
  5. Engage your family, relatives or colleagues to help you by supervising your work(there is no need of this if you are not a lazy person)
  6. Be orderly in managing and carrying out your tasks and don't mind of perfectionism because you aren't learning to be one!
  7. Undone tasks maybe pushed to the next day but to avoid work overload, try not excusing yourself but instead face them.
  8. Lastly, reward yourself for completed things and remember to smile always


In my conclusion, I appreciate reading up to this far and hope you do so in my next article(s). I'd also want you to subscribe so as not to miss out.

As always, I want to give my reader a chance of speaking. This, you can do it in the comment below. I do welcome constructive criticism, other tips and above all, your point of view either how you react to this article or anything you want to share.

Best regards,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Be Branded, Be Bold, Be Bold and Be Brave While You Speak

Hail King or Queen of your own brand!

Public speaking is one of the best platform of analysing how much power you have over people and knowing what other people think of you.

The art of speaking in public is a special skill that take time and much practice for one to take charge of fear and shyness. Amongst the most popular or celebrities we know, one of the qualities or skill they possess is public speaking and there is no doubt that they are good at it.

In this article, some of the tips and hints that will help you boost your confidence in speeches and in other public speaking ways are: Be branded, be bold and be brave.

It's important to be brave and bold when you want to voice your concern. If you are too timid to speak your mind, most people will tend to take advantage of you.

Branding yourself on the other hand is a direct form of beating off your personal weaknesses.
By being bold, brave and above all brand yourself means;
  • You can gain confidence in public speaking.
  • Learn how to overcome personal weaknesses such as fear and shyness in your speaking.
  • Influence others hence you get people's power.
By the way, having these three at your fingertips can help you in your professional communication and in speeches.

I guess some of you wonder why people like Winfrey Oprah and Joel Osteen are able to drag masses of people their way. I believe it is not far from actually being bold, brave and have learn to brand themselves the smarter way.

I have no doubt that United States President Barack Obama is the most inspiring and best public speaker in my own point of view but I believe you too should have these skills as well.

In other word, I would say that the art of speaking before people is recommendable if you want to harness or have the power of other people.

To help you on how to become a better public speaker or learn to air out your speeches; there are plenty of public speaking programs and coaching seminars both online and offline.
Therefore, do your research but keep in mind the above three tips I mentioned because they are the core elements that you need to unleash in yourself in order to better in your speaking.

Other than these, if you've something to share or just want to speak your mind, then, you are granted that opportunity to do so by sharing your say in the comment box below.

Best regards,
Malok Mading.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

5 Secret Branding Tips For You To Be Successful

Warmest greeting dear reader,

As for me and my family, we are doing great and I have been little bit been busy doing a couple of activities which include compiling this article.

What to learn from This article.

In my previous article, I discussed with you about giving yourself the will-power to take actions of your life and let no one to push you like a wheelbarrow which goes no further than it's pushed.

Today's article is about some 5 secret tips that you need to know if you want to be successful in your own world. These are branding tips used by many great men and women to make the most out of their lives.

Since I don't want you to be left in the world of emptiness (suspense), and I want to reveal those 'secrets' to you. I care less if you don't read these secrets but I care for you more if you want to really change your life. All you have to do is continue reading as I am revealing to you those 5 proven secrets that work.

Did you just heard me saying that they are secret and are proven to work too? If yes; Great! There is more to find out ahead as you read downward and what I need from you is to pay attention.

So if you haven't been dragged behind, then, let's get rolling....

1) Spend within your means and don't live there.

Social ranks or classes of the society cannot define you; what define you is what you've decided today for your future.

If you were born from a poor or rich, elite or outcast; you don't have to live within that status. The mean secret behind living there mean that;
  • you'll never go out there;
  • you won't work to be successful;
  • and you'll never bother leaving your life behind.

If you want to be successful, spend your life's values within your expense and limitations and don't live there. This, for instance, if you live in a poor residual house, that does not mean that it is your destiny but there is even a better one for you which you have to discover.

You may cut cost of living but you don't have to live within it because you'll be stagnant and never go forward.

2) Talk with people smarter than you.

This another surefire secret way of learning to be successful. Marketers, leaders, politicians, experts or those you consider to be smarter than you have their success stories and invaluable advises that can propel you to your dream.

These individuals are the right people to talk to and they will help you find your way because if you possess their power, you'll get whatever you want in life without much hurdles, hustles and bustles.

Be careful too while hooding and snipping around every successful person's corner trying to talk to those you think are smarter than you, instead figure out how to approach them in a professional way or in a social exceptable manners.

When I was starting online, I had much ignorance in my being of some so-called 'gurus' or whosoever as I don't believe their hypes. But later on, I stumbled upon a couple internet marketers who not only become part of my professional contacts but friends too!
You may see some of those I called experts on Meet Expert page of this blog to find out some of the few I chose.

There are some with whom we are about to unveil our partnership soon which shall not come as a surprise.

To emphasize a little, there are some smarter people who are yearning to share their knowledge and experience with someone which might be you!

3) Listen to those more spiritual than you.

Our third secret is to hear by listening to those who are more spiritual than you are.
We all have beliefs and perceptions of various things in life but one thing I'd like to mention to you is; learn wisdom and knowledge from those you believe or are believed to be more spiritual than you.

Before I got to my present self, I used to say this; I am not an atheist because I acknowledge God's existence and I don't follow religion because I care for you human life.

Anyway, I love wisdom a lot and it's one of my favorite subjects for discussion and knowledge sharing. Speaking words of wisdom won't make you successful but help you understand, define and discover the gifts of life from God.

So learn your way by behind at their side whenever you need their wisdom because you never know that you might speak to me in tongues one day or everyone saying your quotes!

4) Ask questions of those more successful than you.

To ask is not being foolish but rather to be afraid to ask is the actual foolishness.
Most people fear asking even a simple questions. Who said that when you ask somebody a question you'll be killed or laughed at? Even a simple asking like; Malok (me), how do you make money online won't make you less or annoy me if I may say it that way. Answering this won't hurt anyone or take ages to answer.

Curiosity is what it mean to ask questions of those more successful than you you. Successful people have a lot to tell you because they've already succeeded and likely to respond to you.

It is not a guarantee that you'll get all the answers you want answered as there are some who decline or may charge you. Asking is another form of learning from those more successful than you and it's apt to you to get to know what you need to know.

So take it as a learning and resourceful moment to gain their secrets so as to be like them.

5) Lend a hand to those less fortunate than you.

Many celebrities, philanthropists and well-wishers are building their reputation just by giving the little the have to various causes, charities and NGOs.

You too should consider doing the same in a way of expecting no return, not to be praise or honored but because it's a right thing to do as well as for your goodwill of changing people's lives.

There are many causes that have their presence online which are there to solve life issues like hunger, diseases, disasters, education etc. If you want to know about them, you can join me in supporting some. I do have one for Southern Sudanese Youth who are in the music industry and those aspiring to be in it one day.

On the other hand, in your locality, there may be plenty of such that you may be of a help to them. Explore your area and find out the ones you can share out your assistance. Volunteering for community work is also another one. E.g. Building the bridge, street cleaning etc.

Otherwise, it's my utmost appreciation that you tuned in for this latest updates and hope you do so in my next article. Thank you for your time and would gladly urge you to subscribe so as not to miss out on other.

Considering the fact that you too have your opinion and point of view, I welcome you to peak your mind in the comment field below. So do so below.

Best regards,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Don't Be Like A Wheelbarrow-Going No Further Than You Are Pushed.

Don’t be like a wheelbarrow-Going no further than you are pushed by others is what John L. Mason says and I am much very upset to see you or someone else limiting him/herself to opportunities.

Today, you’ll have to bear with me because I am going to talk ‘hard’ meaning you’ll find this out in the article. My quick intentions tells me that people fail because they are not ready to stand tall and be counted. Market leaders, CEOs, politicians have been known to lead the flocks of which some of the so-called followers believe that they can’t fit the shoes of their masters.

Who said that you can never be the head and not the tail?

Still, there are some other individuals who will not take a decision until the are urge, motivated and told to take actions and make crucial decisions concerning their lives. Well, it is not a surprise to hear that even now I would rather tell someone to share his/her mind in the comment field below which some may think is force but that isn’t it.

If you have been dreaming that you’ll implement that project later, later means you give someone else whose doors haven’t been opened but instead allow that person to take away your opportunity. Some claim that they are waiting for the right moment when they shall take actions but the fact is; they are vessels of words and not actions.

I believe reading this won’t make you take actions because I tell you to do so but it is my hope that after reading this, you will never allow yourself to be told do this and that when you already know that it is the right thing to do.

I guess you are worried of the tone of my voice but that is not the case, the problem is with you being pushed and dragged along like a wheelbarrow. When are you going to stop and do something?

If today is not your day, then, whose day is it?

Dear friend,

I took this opportunity to bring to your notice that being pushed by others is not a better option in your life, instead, it is your first mistake before you even fail in your mission. In my conclusion, I want you to give yourself a chance to be a decision maker of your own and try fitting yourself in the image of someone greater that you know.


  • Read less today and do more in your life.
  • Aim at the top and not the tail.
  • Take firm decisions and do them rather allow someone to decide or push you.
  • Go Ahead! Break the Chains is going to be our next article.

It’s my utmost appreciation that you tuned into this article and hope you do so in the coming post or visit my blog for other personal branding, reputation growth and development tips if you want to make the most out of your life.

To your new action steps,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Personal Quality Vs Price in Service Delivery

How much will you charge me if I can pay for your services? This is the question clients ask always and you’ll give your prices. Isn’t that so?

If I ask you why do you charge that price?

One day you when shopping in due time passed by a shopping mall and decide to window shop. In the process, you saw a particular item that catch your attention and get some interest to check out. And there you enter the mall to confirm if your eyes are not playing a game of your curiosity and not likely to deceive you.

Out of your curiosity, you find that it is not worth buying and proceed to the next mall. At this next place, you happen to find a similar product but it price is either too high or low than the previous.

As a likely customer, you’ll have to choose between their prices and qualities. Isn’t it? Right? Well, how about your services that you give to others?

Price and quality have for a long time been in controversy over man’s choice and want which makes him loss his ability in favour of influence. Some people prefer some things because of quality whether its price is high or low whereas to others, price determine their choice. I don’t know where your stand is or what you go for. All you got to do is speak your mind by having your say in the comment below.

As an individual, to what preferences do you offer your services to other people? Do you give your services per your experiences or quality?

Some mindset people argue that one should go for the one with experience. What if you have had a massive experience and don’t offer value in your experience?

What I found out.
  • Judging quality by its price is what majority do.
  • Giving high quality while the price is low is a challenge to most experts.
  • Majority say that price is more important than quality.
  • The price is not good if we don’t like the quality of your services.
  • Some assume the higher the price, the greater the quality which may not be right.
  • People today tend to go for cheaper services thinking to save money! Cheap is expensive in the long run my friend.
  • They say price is the most important factor to consider when choosing services.

Otherwise, don’t be too quick to dismiss the fact that both are important but you have to make a choice over the two. Personally, I have my own version but I favour quality when I am dealing with long term plans.

Next time you go out shopping, let this ringer in your mind; I am paying for these because of its price or quality? Personal quality in the service that you give is very important because it’s my view that quality gives you satisfaction.

I want to hear from you now and this, you can do by commenting below. Speak your mind now and I shall make sure to get back to you.

Have a blessed day,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

Steve Jobs, Prof Maathai and Osama B. Laden: 6 Things They’ve In Common

This cruel world. Ten years ago, we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash. Now we have no Jobs, no Hope and no Cash! This is one of the quote in our local dailies. Well, we actually don’t have jobs, no hopes not to mention cash.

The past three weeks have taken our world by surprises, mourning and shocking news when it was announced that Noble laureate Prof Wangari Maathai had passed on and within a short time, another unbelieving news rock the world.
Before than on in May, Bin Laden had just left the world.

The three personalities came from different background and that is not what I am going to narrate to you but I'd rather beat the bush. Our Jobs was a computer tech geek, Maathai was an environmentalist who had won a Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts while Bin Laden was known by every beast.

Among Steve Jobs’ things, he co-founded Apple Inc, and helped bring Mac, Ipad, Ipod you name it; Wangari is another reputable individual and Bin Laden was a man of controversy as you know.

So what 7 things do these individuals possess?

I. Vision To Have an Impact On Others’ Lives

Lately after finishing compiling this article, I stumbled upon Dr Wale’s article; Stand By Your Vision , and You’ll Leave a Mark. He tried to narrate how vision can play a major role in people’s lives that if used well, it can build your reputation as well as brand development.

I agree with him and I believe our three actually left a mark and they all possess the same trait. How and why?
  • Mr Jobs commit his entire life just to change the way we live and communicate.
  • Prof Maathai protect our environment for us and generations to come to live in.
  • Osama Bin Laden fought for his people of which he believe was their right.

Truly they had had this vision of impacting others’ life as I can see now the environment is being conserved, Apple products are going viral while governments are being toppled in respective countries which I believe this three have this same role play which they've in common.

II. Speak Out for Others

The moment they came up, their voices and concern for the sake of mankind never part their lives as long as they walked the planet earth.
They suffered, were dismissed and some had their message neither believed nor heard by anyone and still fought their war to have the message get across the four bottoms of the world and the reason is; for you and I, our children’s sake and the generations to come.

I think if they were doing what they were doing for their own sakes, then, they could have done other money making and life satisfying activities.

III. Loved and Hated Alike

Did you know that they were loved and hated at the same time by people? Humans went against each other when these guys were alive as some believe that they were up for a good cause while others on the other side. Well, it’s anyone’s choice to be on someone’s side but I am far from this and I got my different views and version of stories.

What I have to say is that, they all were loved and hated alike in their worlds of technology, politic and socially as well. I don’t want to know what your stand was but I am pointing out what I want you to know.

Their own people had been divided. For instance, Jobs was sacked in the company which he helped co-founded, Maathai on the other hand, was facing her country's people and likewise to Osama who had to declare war on some of his people.

IV. Are Voices In The Burning Bush

In the midst of all, they spoke and they have voices being heard. Their actions and words not only penetrates into vicinity but also to our souls. I have to say that if you want to be an outstanding person, try to forge your own way of doing things and let the rest follow their way.

Their voices have gave many hope and help them trace and find their own voice to air out issues affecting them. The messages which the passed on did bear fruits in helping transform the lives of some precious individuals who at first did not have a chance of their privileges.

Get it clear that I am not praising them for what they did but I am telling you what I see that they have in common.

V. Obstacles Didn’t Stop Them

They say that if you run into a wall, don’t turn and give up. Instead, figure out how to go through it, climb it or find your way round it and how many are able to do that?

Never did they gave up in their pursuit for the goals which they had set for themselves to attain and you can see an example of Steve who after sacking, never stop designing new innovative products. He even said that, sacking him was the best thing that ever happened to him because he got all the time to be himself. That is to be productive and creative as old Jobs of new products.

Unlike you and I, they have done and never allowed whatsoever comes their way instead used obstacles as their climbing blocks to build the foundations that we currently attribute to them. Isn’t it?

If so, then, that is exactly what we are going to do if you want to brand, grow and develop your reputation. Don’t you know that the road to success has detours, road blocks, straight ways, bumps that you need to overcome in order to reach it?

VI. Love What They Dos

If you love what you do and do what you love, you shall be successful with it if done well and this passion is what the three had in common. The reason why many don’t make it to their dreams and visions is lack of passion for it and it is the contributing factor that may determine whether you are going to go backward or forward.

Some individuals out of their hobbies that they engaged in everyday have discovered for themselves great careers and achievements that could not have been possible if they had venture elsewhere.
You do also have what you love to do while you don’t know that you are sitting on a golden opportunity. Why not explore your life for this and others?

The problem with most people is that they actually don’t know what they love. Instead, if you ask, the person will be more than surprise and short of answers. So he or she will hide this by telling this, that and those which are excuses of depending oneself.

3 Lessons to Learn from them

You maybe asking yourself what is the meaning of all these. I have taken these three lessons that we all need to learn from Prof Wangari Maathai, Steve Jobs and Osama Bin Laden. These are:
  • Identify a need and solve it
  • Identify a problem and solve it
  • Find out what you passion for and go for it.

And those are few but important lessons you can learn from these three people. Otherwise, I have to conclude by saying that, we all have what it takes to brand, grow and develop our reputation if you follow the above three lessons.

I want to challenge you this time to speak your mind by leaving your comment. This is the only which I can know your reaction and I am always in a position to get back to you as soon as possible.
So go ahead, have your say below now and not later.

To your success,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

6 Reasons Why There Is No Time Like Present And No Present Like Time

Today is a brand new day like no other day in my life. I just woke up to this blessed, glamorous and wonderful sunny day. The sun has just confirmed nature’s existence over planet earth. You may wonder why I am this way today but I can confess to you that there is no time like today and no today like time.J

7 Reasons Why You’ll Never Experience Success was our previous article and I want to share with you 6 reasons why there is no time like present and no present like time.
First and foremost, I am honoured to have you tuned in to this post. So I am glad and I appreciate it as well.

Humans undertake several life stages which are from birth, initiation(African Traditional Society), adulthood, death you name it. The human population is growing rapidly and life is becoming hard and harder everyday. The present economy is so severe that everyone want to make as much money as one can and put our mouths where our money is.

According to FAO reports released in October 2010, it says that 925 million people are undernourished which is 13.6 percent of the world is 6.8 billion population. The fact is; poverty is creeping it way into our lives and it mean average people will be spending a lot of dollars in order to cater for livelihood.

I want to ask you this question; what if you make today(present) to be like no any other time you ever had?
Well, to give you a leakage of success in life; let me reveal to you the following 6 reasons.

1. Achieve While Young

In the business world, we talk of security of health, wealth and more others which means, being in total control over these and the best time to do and achieve this is when one is young therefore, it is an advantage to the young. And that is why the best you can do to secure your tomorrow is to make your present to be like no any other time in your life when you are still young.
You may ask why, And it is because:

You won’t get the chance to be present tomorrow.
The opportunities available today may not be there for you tomorrow.
New trends and different opportunities will be there.
You may not have the ability to do your best or take advantage of things of tomorrow.
Because of procrastination, you may lose your appetite of things of tomorrow or become lazy.
In reality, you may be fooling yourself today thinking that things are going to be better tomorrow which maybe in vain.

In short, take the present as the building foundation for your future by achieving what you can now while young rather than waiting for tomorrow which will comes with its ups and downs that I am not in a position to predict.

Being old means you lose eye-sight, no longer have the legs to walk you to the toilet or the enthusiasm to read this article BUT I believe you are still young because you still have the creativity which is ever-young in you and experience of your age as an added bonus. Do you think your creativity can get old as your age? No, and I am not kidding!

2. Gain Experience And Knowledge Now!

Our technology has made us so lazy that we think it is making our work easier when it’s actually producing new lazier people everyday and I predict that in the near future, ¾ of world’s population shall be the laziest or dying of poverty because they don’t want to use their hands any more!
I guess you may be wanting to quit reading and your mind suggesting that I wish Malok(me) would have made this post a podcast which if I had done so, you’d have put it aside for later! If that is what’s on your mind, leave it in the comment below.

My friend, if you want life to be better, take heed of these tips by empowering yourself with as much experience as the knowledge you’d like also want for your tomorrow. Do you know that as young, if we all had life’s experience and knowledge of what is ahead of us, there would have been no failures, mistakes but a lot of success stories?

3. Retire Satisfied and Happy

Money experts says that if you want to quit your job or retire young is to have financial pillars and strategies such as investment, assets, a lot of $$$ in the bank. Other advises are compound interest which they say is worthy and recommendable while young.

If you want to retire satisfied and happy tomorrow, today is when you should clear all your debts, credit cards and invest all you can.
Other life hurdles like relationship nightmares, personal and family issues etc should be solved at the present than waiting for tomorrow which shall be time for other better things.
God gave you time which is the present for you to exercise, experiment and use well then wasting it by doing nothing.

4. Take The Bull By Its Horns

The present is the right moment when you should face life’s challenges and make those hard decisions that will determine your future. There is no benefit of sitting over those hot constraints but taking them by their horns which either will be the best decision which you’ll dwell upon in the future or a mistake you’ll learn your lesson and experience which you shall also use to your advantage too!

Do it today because your time is the present which is the only available opportunity and there you go equipped.

5. The Fruits of Tomorrow are In the Seeds of Today

The title of the blog is Pillars of Brand which offers personal branding, reputation growth and development tips to those who want to make the most out of their lives like you!
You may think that I should change the title to something related to the niche but that is another story reserve for another day.

Who you are going to be with or what you are going to have or start at the present whether it is a decision, task or whatever it is; it’s going to impact your tomorrow.

I want to continue to emphasize to you that what you sow today is the same you shall reap tomorrow.
Believe it or not, the seeds you plant today are going to be in the fruits you’ll harvest tomorrow. And this, I mean that what you do today is going to have a share of your fulfilment or failures tomorrow and that is why you should make your time to be like no present and no present like your time now.

6. Fail Today and Succeed Tomorrow

Being afraid to fail and make mistakes today is not going to grant you automatic success but nothing of everything. You have to take action today so as to create room for growth and development of yourself.

Failing today is better because you can recover from it then succeeding at the present and all things vanish in the future and find no resource to overcome such failures.
I am not saying you should fail intentionally but be prepare to overcome if it does, that is taking risks now is going to bear three results which are; failure, success or something in between than staying idly waiting.

This is what will happen; H.Crowquill once said that don’t allow idleness to deceive you; for while you give him your today, he steals tomorrow from you.
Let me say that it is better to fail at present moment than failing tomorrow when you are suppose to be celebrating your success.


It’s my utmost appreciation to you for staying tune to this and other articles. It is now your turn to hear your say if you believe you have something to add or criticize, then it is welcome here by speaking your mind below.

Yours in success,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

7 Reasons Why You'll Never Experience Success

People have different perception of how to define success, moreover, rules of achieving it are also many. Some say if you want to be successful; do what you love doing, others says determination is the key and still others claim something between or something I haven't mentioned while I would rather say that there are some reasons which may not allow you to be successful in your venture.

Well, I have been talking of personal branding, reputation growth and development with all these aimed at how you get the most out of your life.
I wrote this article in respond to what control or hinder people from attaining what they dream of. Among ourselves, there are individuals who have done all they can just to be successful but failed, and still, are others who with little or no efforts make it to the top. The key differentiators are the following 7 reasons that will never allow you, I or anyone to be successful.

1. Pessimism define your destiny

To my Apsense readers who read Pessimism Vs Optimism, I chose pessimism. If you are new, read this first and check the other article at Apsense later.
As I said in that article, creativity, productivity and the ability to take risk are the key factors that makes one a real achiever and better person e.g. A successful entrepreneur.

Pessimism has half of it which is good that is good pessimism and the other is bad pessimism, the bad one is what I want to reiterate once more. I want to make it clear that pessimism strangles the key factors of individual success that I mentioned above(creativity, productivity and your abilities). If you allow pessimism to take over those, then, it is going to define your destiny.

Get this clear; where you spend the most is where you will have the most. If your mind is filled with pessimism, you'll have the most of it and I want to caution you earlier. Someone may say how about being both that is an optimist and a pessimist at the same time; well, you shall be both divide by two!

So dear reader, negative pessimism creates in you hopelessness, discouragement, obstacles and hinders you from being the real you. I advise to be careful lest you'll not experience what you dream of because of one word: pessimism.

2. A Chariot? Why A Chariot?

I am becoming lazy and lazier these technological days of our generation that I don't want to check up words in a dictionary. I just used my 'head' to define a chariot.:) Aren't you lazy too to even check a word like mapillary in the dictionary instead you Google it? I am just kidding. We Google it to reduce time. Isn't it?

Anyway, a chariot is a two-wheeled horse drawn vehicle used in ancient time in battle and in racing. In short, it is a machine being pulled around and I am comparing somebody with it. Do you agree? Then let's get down....

Why should anyone be lead by others to take decisions or actions about things that are crucial matters of one's life? If you are one of those who want to be dragged around aimlessly like a toy used by kids and never lead anyone, then, it is what I am talking about and it is about time you look at your image which is reputation. You can't be the tail of others anymore instead, you should stop there because I can tell you that you WON'T EXPERIENCE SUCCESS if you continue this way!

3. Source Of All Odds.

I don't want to stiffen my fingers trying to re-type what I have already done in an article. The source of all odds I mean is Mr. Jack of all trades which you can check. Read 5 Ways To Avoid Being Jack Of All Trades.

If you don't know who Jack is, the article is going to the best source I can recommend at the moment. To put a full stop to what I mean, if you are the source of everything, you will never experience success if you are this person.

4. Don't Have Success Ego.

How many times are you going to be insecure, shy, lack confidence or afraid of failing?
Before I proceed; read these quotes to give you hints.
  • A little knowledge that acts is worth infinity more than much knowledge that is idle.-Kahlil Givran.
  • Everyone tries; some succeed, few fail, and none give up is what success is. My quote.
  • And let us not get tired of doing what is right, for after a while we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't get discouraged and give up.-Gal 6:9
  • A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.-George Bernard Shaw.
  • The only thing some people do is grow old.
  • Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead-end street.
  • Don't be afraid to fail. Don't waste energy trying to cover up failures. If you're not failing, you're not growing.-H. Stanley Judd.
  • People who don't make mistakes are those who are not doing anything because they fear failure and risks of mistakes.-My quote.
  • I don't like these cold, precise, perfect people who, in order not to speak wrong, never speak at all, and in order not to do wrong, never do anything.-Henry Ward Beecher.
  • Your season of failure is the best time for sowing your seed of success.-John L Mason.
If you don't have success ego in you, you'll always want to coil into yourself like a millipede when touched and that means you'll never experience success.

5. More Haste But Less Patience.

Are you those kind of individual who want to do things as fast as your heart keeps telling you it is the right time before you even lose a piece of your mind? Or one of those impatient guys?
Well, none can accept being called impatient lad or lady even though you are actually one.

Today, I have had the courage to say that I sometime get a 'little' but cool enough to sooth myself down.

Life success imply that if hurry hurry and less patience dominate your being, you can't get it and you have to let your soul wait for success which according to successful people; they say it does not come in a fortnight not even a month's time but patience and less haste will.

6. Slave Of Your Past.

Dwelling over your past is not going to take you forward but backward. You can never buy back the past but you can consume your today and sell your tomorrow depending on how you look at life now.
You can't change the past, but you can ruin your present by worrying over the future.-Walt Disney
People have a tendency of wanting to live their present using the past rather then vice-versa.
If the chains of the past are still holding you hostage, success or whatever fulfillment in life is going to be difficult.

7. Procrastination.

Procrastination is the language of the poor they say! Putting off something is a liability that will haunt you of your precious ideas and will bring you no tangible thing.
The best you can do is; do today what you want to postpone until tomorrow. Never allow the Devil to hold, influence and decide for you. Because he is not only going to hide your visibility of the unseen but do also destroy your imagination.

I have come to notice that the only thing that comes to a procrastinator is old age and I believe you are not one and even far from if I may wink with you.
Wake up now and take action and if you don't know where you are going, then you are on your way.


Now it is your turn to speak your mind. Got any other reasons that can make anyone not to be successful? Just share them or let me hear your say in the comment below.

To your life success,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

Friday, October 7, 2011

30 + Tips On How To Brand Yourself For Success Part 1

Hi there,

Money Harvester which talks about personal branding, reputation growth and development is today, going to share with you some 30+ tips on how to brand yourself wherever you are.
The first part of it are some 15 tips and part 2 shall entail the rests. So get ready to arm yourself with these tips. It is my my knowledge that you won't know them all but a grip of some of these shall open your eyes.

1.Become A Top Achiever

Becoming an achiever in your niche area and grow your brand is the first step to you branding yourself. Remember that courage separate dreamers from achievers, so be courageous enough to be a top achiever in your field. I believe this is one of the sure ways to grow and develop in order to become a better person in the society.


Be a person who have sensible and practical ideas that you can be able to do or achieve in your dreamed period.


Don't be everything but be something. That is, work per your niche venture and stick to it only. Being specific means you don't go beyond than what you aspire to be or have.


Orderliness go hand in hand with personal branding. You have to be organized while building your brand so as to create room for planning your growth and development while minimizing on failures.
Start by Organizing your time, yourself and your money as you continue to prepare your way for success.


Seriousness in branding yourself while selling yourself is the personal brand toolkit that you need to have when you want to be successful. Taking things easy is not an excuse for failure but how serious you are matters in determining your success.

6.Concentrate On Yourself

Investing your time and money in yourself is the secret tool you can ever have to excel in life. What you need is to concentrate on what is crucial to you and your love ones if extended.


You have to be unique as "yourself" because you are not like others and are not a copy of anyone but you are yourself. Every individual is different from the rest hence the reason for being unique. Where the majority follows is where one is likely to reap failures because it has fierce competition which will not promote but strangle you.


Having a basic knowledge about you and your niche expertise is what you need to brand yourself. Everyone is born clever but how you unleash and maximize on it makes one either intelligent or a fool.


Competition is somehow good for growth and development but sometime can cause unexpected things. There are numerous individuals who want to brand and grow their reputation in life who may either come to compliment you or compete with you. So look out for potential competitors who might be out there.
If you want to be successful, be competitive and position yourself as a risk-free competitive brand.


Team work is power, sharing and networking with people of common interest and purpose and it is highly recommendable for your personal brand.

Cooperate with others and brainstorm each other while helping one another get to his/her feet. We all need each other people because we are not islands but humans!
Team work cooperation can help you brand your reputation as well as opening new opportunities.


Pride of yourself while branding yourself will not build but destroy you. Humility is the best policy when branding yourself because people value you more than your ego.


People hate dishonest people; that is, people who claim to know/have this and that when they really don't have anything or know nothing. I just talked with a friend of mine who on his blog, had posted something about pretending. We conversed about it and actually, it is surprising that more and more individuals need to learn about being honest and start practicing moral values and ethics in business.

If for instance, you are a freelancer, remain a freelancer rather than fooling around with what you are not capable of.

Be honest to yourself and to others too. Do you know that there are three people whom you can never cheat and that before you lie, they already know that you are about to lie? Well, let me give some hints. They are; God, Satan, and Yourself. I guess you had guessed the first two. Right?
If you are promoting a scam program or product; why not go for something legit instead, be honest and be straight-forward about it?


We all have been faced by one, two or more problems that are beyond our capabilities. Neither humans nor nature guarantee anyone to be free from problems but it is a guarantee that someone else maybe a leg, hand or a head to our system to exist. That is, we depend on each other in one way or another.

The secret to success is to be ready to help others realize their way to success.
Benjamin Disrael once said that the greatest good you can ever do for another is not just share your riches but reveal to them their own. Start helping others right now if you have something that you have a success prove of.e.g. a business program, an automatic software that earns you cash while you sleep and etc.

14.Be Patience

You cannot achieve everything in life within a fortnight or month's time but it will take time. Hence, what you need to take you through that period is patience. Hurry hurry has no blessing and things that are done in rush end in shame!

As a successful-to-be person, you have to be patience before things start to unveil themselves.
Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. Delay may give clearer light as to what is best to be done says Kahlil Givran.

15.Self Discipline

In the previous article, 6 Golden Ds Of How To Become Successful, I talked of D-Discipline as one of the features to be successful. Once again, I would like to bring it to your attention that self discipline in all aspects of success and in your life as general is a requirement that you need to possess so as to be success.

Your self discipline can be personally, financially, time and before others too! This trait makes you stand out from the rests hence your brand can easily be recognized and sort after.
Speak your mind in the comment field below and feel free to share with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more others too!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

8 Tips On How To Grow And Develop Your Brand On

In my previous article, we had discussed about some 10 common mistakes to avoid as an Internet marketer and the latest touched something on role/importance of technology in our daily lives.
Today, I want to talk about ways of improving your image which is your brand on Facebook.
When Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004; it took few years to take the world into a surprise mood. In the past following years, it has grown its users base drastically than any other social site. According to the Facebook press office, there are more than one million entrepreneurs in 180 countries world wide, though latest studies on the hand according to Twitter statistics, shows that Twitter gets more than 300,000 new users everyday and there is no doubt that social media is going to be our next platform of operations.

People from all walks of life can be found there on (Facebook) with majority owning personal profiles while few have fan-pages. Marketers on the other hand, with most, have now joined this site and are maximizing on it free traffic to boost there income.
As an individual, marketer or whoever you are, what can you do or what does it take you to grow and develop your brand on Facebook?
You have my answer and this is what to do if you a marketer. The following 8 tips will help you harness its unlimited opportunities and they are:

Unveil Your Brand

Got a brand and want to stand out from the rests on Facebook? Whether you want to grow and develop your personal brand or your business brand, you have to show show people your brand. Your brand is as unfamiliar as the less time you use to show it to me or any other Facebook user.

The first thing to do while on Facebook is to unveil your brand by introducing it to the prospects out there. The difference between you and your competitors is what information people know about your brand and your competitors'. The less they know about yours, the more they are likely not to respond to your brand.
Get sometime within your tired schedule and fix this in and let people on Facebook know that your are also there.

Post Breaking News Related to Your Brand Often

There is nothing as new as good news that gets people to stop what they were doing just to hear news. People love to hear something they haven't heard of or sweet to ears!

Got information about your brand that your client/prospects do not know? Your next step is to post news related to your brand. These can be incentives, new add-on-services, offers etc. If you could post this new thing as breaking news on your profile or page; this is going to keep them coming back to hunt for more and new information.
You can post news every time you find some which is worth their knowing and you will have their loyalty at your services.

Start A Facebook Fanpage

You have all it take to grow and develop your brand on Facebook and that is why Facebook has provide a platform which can help you air out anything you want people to know and this is just FREE! New services have been added recently including choosing people who can subscribe to your updates. So it is up to you to decide who you want to know about you and your brand.

Facebook fanpages these days are more than popular like blogs because of it easiness to create and use all at no cost unlike blogs which may require someone skilled to do it for you. If you are serious to get your brand out there in front of its millions of users for free, then, a fanpage is just what you need.

You can create your own Facebook Page or hire someone to do it for you. But it is easy to make one and hence you don't need to spend your hard-earned cash on those crooks who maybe after your money.
Once your page is up and running, start posting about your brand right away. Share your news to friends or connections, and there you go live online!

Support A Cause

A brand which plays a major role in changing the lives of people is on a success track mission. A good cause that your brand or you support let the individuals you are helping or well-wishers identify you and may acknowledge what you did. Though most people undervalue causes, they are in fact, the gateway to your mission determination and achievements.

For instance, if your brand contribute or campaign for one of the causes, this would not only change their lives but also attract attention and that is the reason why some celebrities are trying to support and contribute to charities, foundations and NGOs just to make an impact on others' lives but also improve their reputation.

Create Your Own brand Group

Groups on Facebook are another way you can use to get your brand out there in front of many. If you are a member of one of the group, sharing your brand is easier and convenient as you only have to post it on its wall and the other members of the group read it.
Sometime, other groups have rules which restrict members on what information they share. So it is wise choosing a group related to your brand niche.

To avoid all these hustles and bustles like spamming, out-of-topic contents etc, creating your group is even a better option and it is much easier to create groups than pages and you can do it if you have everything in place. Facebook even enhance it credibility by allowing one to choose one of the options either to make it a private or public group depending on who you want to access it.

Therefore, if you have come to your decision, get down to work now and decide whether to join others' groups or create your own group which you have total control over it. If you choose, to go to others', it is recommended that you join the one that has a lot interactivity on it and popular so as to go viral.

Hold Facebook Events

A campaign that you just organize about your brand is what Facebook events can do best for you and you can imagine reaching out to all your friends, friends of friends and more within seconds!
If you can hold an event and invite all of your friends to it and they do the same, this will neither cost you a dime nor much time but it will bring you traffic!
Organize an event for free on Facebok and invite your friends to attend. In short it is just Create Facebook Event + Invite Friends = Free Traffic

Maximize On Your Forum Area

Do you know that Facebook has a forum area? Yes. It has. There is a question and answering area for all topics which and your friends may want to discuss. Even Facebook pages have their discussion tab for information sharing.
When you logged into your Facebook account, the tab after these two main Tabs (Update Status, Add Photo/Video and Ask Question tab) The Ask Question Tab is what I am talking about.
When you click on this Ask Question tab, you are entered into the forum area and there you can post your question, news etc and moreover, you can choose to add poll option. Here you can be able to post question or answer your friends and others about your brand.
For you to get something out of that area, maximize on this by turning this as your brand's forum area and only you should be answering questions related to your brand or use it to post updates about your on-goings.

Join Your Niche Brand Apps

App is a short form for application. Applications are Facebook add-on-services created by individuals to solve a particular cause or made for fun. There are numerous apps on Facebook which one can find and use if need be.
Developers made these apps for people of liked-interests and purposes e.g. For people who love games, you may find plenty; For businesses or internet marketing, apps such as Branchout, Networked Blogs etc are there for like-minded people in that field.
To join an app which is related to your brand, just search in the Facebook search box. Apps are free to join and if you use them well, you will be surprise at how much traffic or recognition your brand is getting there.


As you can see, Facebook has plenty to offer people like you and I the opportunity to share our minds and that is why it is changing the way people live and connect with each other.

Have a successful day. Won't you?
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Role of Information Technology in Modern Life

This is a Guest Blog post by Anyaf.
Referring to information technology in simpler terms of its meaning would mean the entire world of computers – hardware, networking and software among other facets that have developed over the years. This is a sector that is in charge of securing all the information that is procured through this means and then making arrangements for its safe storage and delegation to different departments that may require the same in its area of work.

This is a department that is a part of every large to medium company. Over the years of the growth of IT this department in companies has been in popular demand. It has been given the responsibility of managing the large resources of information generated through research and development or even through the internet exchanges between organizations.

So what exactly is the role of information technology in modern companies? There are scores of information and data generation within each sector of industry and individual companies; this is the result of intensive research and development carried out by such study teams within the organization.

Companies are well known for their huge expenditures in various fields of study that is related to their existing field of endeavor. For instance millions of dollars go into the development of biotechnological concepts and medicines among pharmaceutical companies.

Similar procedures of growth are carried out by telecommunications companies and heavy equipment companies too. As a result of the study information and experimental details along with prognosis of the results are discussed in detail and is also regarded as classified material for any company.

This is where they have invested hugely and would like to safeguard the results till they are safely established in research and patented for safety. Until then its availability could lead to theft of intellectual property and a huge loss in the aftermath.

It is here that information technology offers virtual solutions in the form of small chips or user id and password protected software that would store all such vital information without any chance of been intercepted. There are highly advanced systems developed for screening of the person each time they access it which makes it impossible to break the code and hack it even. In the event of any interception there are software tools to lead you directly to the source and thus the thief.

Information technology has also been incorporated largely in the operations of military and its intelligence. This is a crucial segment of a country’s administration with classified information and intelligence that could bring severe consequences if left unattended. There are software systems and designs that are specially structured for the defense forces of countries to enable highly advanced and secured protection to such details.

The development of systems is very often customized to the needs and requirements of organizations themselves. No two design structures and software are usually made in the same to avoid creation of a prototype. There are different ways of identification with facial mapping and fingerprint access incorporated within these software systems to ensure highly protected access.

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    Friday, September 16, 2011

    Internet Marketing: 10 Common Mistakes To Avoid

    Hello marketer,

    I have been in the internet marketing world for the past years and during my years as a newbie, I experienced both good and bad sides of it. These through scamming, spamming and more other mistakes that I or someone become a victim of. I almost came to a crash this year when someone hacked into my Facebook account. It took me a long time to recover but I learn my lesson from there.

    The present marketing is exploding with more people joining internet marketing as a new form of making money. Well, there are thousands if not ten of thousands trying to make money online. This new approach and every opportunity created has its errors/mistakes which hinder one from achieving what he/she wants. I have come to learn that the following are 10 common mistakes that should be avoid in your internet world.

    1.Jack of all trades.

    The moment we enter marketing, new and old ways of earning comes our way, and as newbies, we tend to develop 'multiple stream of income' attitude without realizing that it's master-of-nothing type of marketing.

    Multiple stream of income is good but that does not mean you or I promoting every program or opportunity that we think can make us money. Luck is there you can make some few dimes but won't be successful with it because you don't know it, have no success prove of it and experience as well.

    It is recommended that you do what you love doing and you'll have more chances of succeeding with it than promoting something because someone is making money with it. Even the easiest way of making money can be hard to you but simpler to someone else!
    To read more about Jack Of All Trades, my previous article has Some Hints and Tips on how to avoid being master of nothing.

    2. Talk too much about yourself

    Pride comes before fall is what wise men says. The worse mistake you can ever do in your marketing is to boast. Marketers fail to identify how to prove to their clients how they make money from talking too much of themselves. Having too many mouths of yourself is something that should be avoided at all cost.

    You may share how you are getting your $1000 check every month but be careful how you say it because it may mean the opposite of what you meant.

    3. Poor marketing skills.

    Some type of marketings are network, affiliate, internet marketing + etc, but the skill behind these are those that can take you higher or bring you down. A comprehensive skill and knowledge of what you are marketing can take you to the top.

    I have had several discouraging moments when I was beginning to embark on internet personal brand marketing but with time, mentors, much research and learning, I understood the dos and don'ts.

    One of the contributing factor to failure is having poor marketing skills as a marketer. For instance, not knowing where to build list, traffic sources and other forms of marketing.
    It is considered wise before embarking on to do something, learn what to do, how to do it and when.

    4. Focus-less and vision-less.

    Your target audience(market) is what your marketing should be focus on. Marketers who make it online are those who focus and base their visions on their niches and not the general.

    Trying to fill every niche gap is not a good form that you can ever do but mean focus-less and it is time you change by learning to do what you passion for. This is the secret and only sure way to be successful.

    5. Spamming.

    Every company, organization or person is now learning the effects of spams and are now bringing in laws to punish the culprits. Some sites online have strict rules and regulations which guide against spamming.

    Email marketers are prone to being reported as spammers because of the content and amount of information they release out to their subscribers. I am not scaring you away from subscribing to anyone's list but it is good to know what kind of information you are subscribing to.

    Currently, new ones are arising which includes comments, articles and more other spamming ways. So take heed that you don' let your fat ass be on fire if reported to the authority as a spammer.

    It is worth learning not to do then being escort in handcuffs to respond to the charges;). I love to hear none of readers who have read this article to be reported because of anything other than spamming which I touched a little bit of it today. Remember this that it is punishable by law!

    6. Indulging in illegitimate schemes.

    Have you heard of scams? These are illegitimate programs or schemes aimed at luring people to give away their money or anything that belong to them in return of a false promise. Frauds are increasingly becoming plentiful on the internet these days. Most major internet fraud occurs at:
    • Online Auction and Retail
    • Online Business/"Work-at-Home" Schemes
    • Online Investment Schemes
    • Credit Card Schemes
    • And more others

    The best thing is to avoid any illegitimate scheme that may ruin your reputation and will keep haunting you throughout your life. Engaging in them let people not to trust you hence missing out in developing and growing your personal brand as a professional and individual too!

    Newbies are the most affected victims because they can't figure out between legit and illegal programs.

    7. Lack of integrity and respect for others.

    Integrity and respect for others are the assets that every individual need to possess in their life with marketers included. The product or program you promote should have both quality and quantity meaning that it has value to your prospects. The ethics and other codes of behaviors should guide one when dealing with every person one comes across. The mode of communication has impact on how the other person perceive/interpret it and it should be at every marketer's finger tips.

    Examples in collecting personal information like email addresses, names and contacts should be taken care of while explaining to that person how you are going to use or share that information. Otherwise, integrity is crucial and consideration may be taken.

    8. Ignorance kill audience's moral.

    How many times have you tried to avoid or ignore answering an email or comment on your article? One is likely to lose to competitors if ignorance crept it way into the being.

    Every time your audience inquiry about your product, program or about information you provide and you keep on paying your least attention because according to you, it is not worth your respond. It's actually going to kill their interest and make them go elsewhere that they will be given attention.

    9. Inability to meet expectations.

    Customer/client satisfaction is all it need to make likely sales as a marketer. Just look at big firms like the Virgin Group, customer satisfaction comes first and that is the reason behind their success! Your prospect have their expectations that they expect from the product or service you provide.

    This expectation can be quality in your product or service or any other thing. Promises are also other things which test your ability to deliver and meet expectations. Failing to do is your inability to meet your promises and expectations to them.

    For instance, in article marketing, if a writer promise his/her readers an article about lets' say; How To Make Money Online with a free e book, within a day or two, he/she does so within that given period and containing the promise as well.

    10. Plagiarism.

    These days, with numerous information, products and programs, copying and pasting from other sources is becoming a norm for plagiarists. In simple terms, copying others' content which is not yours is plagiarism which means interfering with intellectual and copyright rules and rights.
    This form is common in article marketing and it is against the law and one is likely to be persecuted if found with someone's without permission or credit. Be careful with some resell rights and private label rights because this is where most people claim ownership of others' property.

    To be on a safe side, stay away by not copying others' and always ask permission before publishing any content.

    I now want to hear from you. If you know other common mistakes that you think I haven't include, be free to share them through the comment filed below. I am human and I may not know every corner of the knowledge world and would appreciate to hear from you.

    To your marketing success,
    Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
     who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.
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