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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5 Foundations To Determine Your Excellence In Life

Numerous people have talked or have written a lot of tips that can help one excel in your life. Excelling in life is all everyone's task that they aspire to experience. Individuals who have made it to the top have reasons that propel them to the position they currently or once hold.

In areas of life such as in the sport world, you find men and women who are stars; In corporate world, there are people who held onto the success of their firms; In the human arena, still, there are people who passed all odds of life and still make it to the top.

I have come to notice that these fellows are like any ordinary you but the difference between you and them is how they use the followings as their foundations to excellence;
  • Time
  • Mentors/Coaches
  • Books/Research
  • Money
  • Yourself
As you can see, you have come across such words but one thing in these words is that, they are the 5 Foundations To Excellence in Life. So you asked; How?


Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you says Carl Sandburg.
God gave you 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day reason for you to spend and make good use of them. He does not dictate you on what you should waste/spend them on but allow you to decide for yourself.

Have you ever sat down one day and asked yourself, What have I achieve in the minutes, hours, days, weeks etc that God has allocate to me?

Time is one of the foundations you can ever use to excel in life. If you manage your time effectively and effectively, you will find that, every second/minutes you spend has a share contribution in your achievements. Time is God's bonus to man's life which He add as an everlasting and unconditional blessing with which every person should take hold of it carefully.

Therefore, if you want to excel in your life, make good use of your time. This is God's free gift to you everyday that you are here on earth and it is your choice to decide whether to make the most/less out of it.


In a government, there is an advisory board which help it when it comes to advise. They are the people who exercise everyday running and shaping of that institution. To you, the people who know you personally, care about you and guide you when you are up to something are the kind of people I am talking about. They are either mentors or coaches. They help in your transformation stage by molding you to fit into the society or even rise shining on top of the career you are aspiring in.

The people who surround you(not neighbors but circle of advisers) determine how you will be in the world out there. Excellence is not by nature but how we want it ourselves to be because we can determine it by arming ourselves with people who can help us.

You got to have your mentors/coaches that will correct you when you make an error; raise you to feet when you fall and celebrate with you when you are successful. It does not matter whether you are above mentoring age or too knowledgeable to be coached still, it is a chance for you because no one can guarantee no mistakes in life. Remember that everyone make mistakes.

Find people who can help you rise and become successful in life. Mentors/coaches are the people everyone need to have to trim their images and personal growth.


If you want to be successful, learn to be a saver and not a spender. Money is everything nowadays. Some say money is evil but money is just a tool for excellence if well manage. What you do with money can either make them good or evil.

Use money to put you upfront while equipping yourself for success. If you take them as a resource for your journey, then you are on the right track to excellence and that is what is required!

Save your money for rainy seasons because the little saved act as a security for your needs. A penny saved is a penny earned says Abraham Lincoln.


Knowledge is power. Books are source of spiritual blessings that great men and women use to pour out their blessings upon us. As we grow, learning through reading and associating with smarter people are all factors involve in shaping us.

Books help boost our knowledge and in building personal excellence in life. Everyone want to excel in life and the immediate place to find this is in the books. Being knowledgeable improve your skill in the prospective field that you are in hence you become an expert in it while you continue to excel in life.

Research on the hand, is a way of acquiring knowledge through books and it can contribute to your well-being if done effectively.



You are the greatest asset that can not be lost or stolen. People undervalue this and tend to bother of other things but one thing we need to remember and ask ourselves is: All the things we do, are we not doing for ourselves? Therefore, to hit the nail on the hit, it is important to invest your time and money in improving that asset.

When you want to excel in life, if you haven't yet, begin by growing your personal brand and reputation which is all yourself. A self-realization and ideal life vision is the foundation to determine excellence in your life which you need to have always.

Yourself is the foundation that you can build on to excel in life. So why not develop yourself now?

Keeping in mind that not all people can excel in life but it is to our best that we try hard to improve where necessary. We have to discover our potential(abilities) because you never know that you are the destined shining star of your life!

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