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21st Blogger is loves you. As a sign of appreciation, below are some free bonuses for you to check out.There are various sites online that you can use to make money but the first thing before embarking on is knowing where you are starting from.
There are numerous ways of making money online.These includes:

a) Selling one's product
b) Selling someone's product
c) Giving services to people

As a marketer,there are various methods you can use to earn online.But the major ones are one mentioned.Lets' get start with the first one.

A) Selling one's product

This is whereby you have the product(s) with you and want to move it to world's view online.Most individuals and companies and firms use this form as they may already have their product(s).This is easier if you have create/develop your product.

B) Selling someone's product

Selling a product developed or that belong to someone's product is also a way of making money online.The best thing with it is that you are not require to create/develop your product.This form can be divided into two;

1)Affiliate Marketing
2)Resale Rights

Both resale/resell rights are almost similar because they are all ways of promoting someone else's product.The difference is that, with Affiliate, you are paid a percent commission on the sale made whereas resell rights allow you to keep all the earning on sale.That is,you keep 100%.

C) Giving Services to people

The secrets to helping people is the secret to earning while giving people services. If you want to harness the power of people to propel and give you what you want, be ready to help them.
Individuals who are experts in various fields have started devoted their time and energy to help people and still they are making a lot of bucks!
Giving your services to help other people can earn you income.This might be free of charge services or with a payment of a small fees.
As part of branding, growth and development, making money is the aim of many individuals. If you don't have money, you will not pay for anything but remain broke.
You want to know exactly how to make money online. Isn't it?
Internet Marketers and others who have known their way here have talked of various ways of making money, with some making real cash while others exaggerating the claim. 97% of these individuals are the ones who have not made money but playing with the minds of newbies whereas 3% are exactly the people whom everyone want to fit into.

What Does It Takes

You may doubt my words if I can say that you can make money online even if:
  • You are totally new online and don't trust anyone.
  • You have joined several hundreds if not thousands of sites without making a dime.
  • All the secrets of making money online have not worked for you!
  • You think you don't have what it takes to make money online.
So you ask; How exactly do I get a check online?
My money making secrets are not new but either highly ignored or not maximise on well. I use simple methods to get extra income while doing what I love like:
  • Running this blog
  • Studying hard at school.
  • Promoting my website.
  • Writing articles, reading novels and spending my time with my family and kill extra time doing my hobbies.
To cut the rope short, making money is hard to 97% and easy. To you, I recommend doing what you passion for to earn extra income. If you only know what passion is, you can make income with it. For instance, If you love taking photos or videos, why not get paid for it?

  • Value Click
  • Tribal Fusion
  • Make Money With Sponsored Reviews

  • And the list may continue to thousands of ways of making money online. I have exclude some sites based on my experience of these sites. It is up to you to check out the ones that can make you immediate cash.

    Some Useful Tips

    The secret behind making money online is to be:
    • committed to one
    • Be patience as some may take a longer period.
    • Follow your passion.
    • Work smart and stay focus.
    • Avoid procrastination.
    • And more others
    To your money making success,
    Malok Mading
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