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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Role of Information Technology in Modern Life

This is a Guest Blog post by Anyaf.
Referring to information technology in simpler terms of its meaning would mean the entire world of computers – hardware, networking and software among other facets that have developed over the years. This is a sector that is in charge of securing all the information that is procured through this means and then making arrangements for its safe storage and delegation to different departments that may require the same in its area of work.

This is a department that is a part of every large to medium company. Over the years of the growth of IT this department in companies has been in popular demand. It has been given the responsibility of managing the large resources of information generated through research and development or even through the internet exchanges between organizations.

So what exactly is the role of information technology in modern companies? There are scores of information and data generation within each sector of industry and individual companies; this is the result of intensive research and development carried out by such study teams within the organization.

Companies are well known for their huge expenditures in various fields of study that is related to their existing field of endeavor. For instance millions of dollars go into the development of biotechnological concepts and medicines among pharmaceutical companies.

Similar procedures of growth are carried out by telecommunications companies and heavy equipment companies too. As a result of the study information and experimental details along with prognosis of the results are discussed in detail and is also regarded as classified material for any company.

This is where they have invested hugely and would like to safeguard the results till they are safely established in research and patented for safety. Until then its availability could lead to theft of intellectual property and a huge loss in the aftermath.

It is here that information technology offers virtual solutions in the form of small chips or user id and password protected software that would store all such vital information without any chance of been intercepted. There are highly advanced systems developed for screening of the person each time they access it which makes it impossible to break the code and hack it even. In the event of any interception there are software tools to lead you directly to the source and thus the thief.

Information technology has also been incorporated largely in the operations of military and its intelligence. This is a crucial segment of a country’s administration with classified information and intelligence that could bring severe consequences if left unattended. There are software systems and designs that are specially structured for the defense forces of countries to enable highly advanced and secured protection to such details.

The development of systems is very often customized to the needs and requirements of organizations themselves. No two design structures and software are usually made in the same to avoid creation of a prototype. There are different ways of identification with facial mapping and fingerprint access incorporated within these software systems to ensure highly protected access.

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    solomonbindavid said...

    Thanks for such nice post!
    Keep it up my friend...

    Malok Mading said...

    Hello Solomon,
    Thank you for your kind words about the post.
    I hope he next post is going to be more than this! So stay tuned.

    allricjohnson said...

    Today, almost all professional fields have become online and computerized, so information technology is important to maintain and access different computer networks. A field of the information technology is growing at a very fast pace over the last few years.
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    James Nelson said...

    Cappuccio says virtualization will ultimately drive more companies to treat IT like a business.

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