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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are You Hooked To Any Of These 4?

There are numerous things that hinder us to live the life we dreamed of with majority claiming that lack of money as the main issue affecting them.
You may be having your 10+ reasons or less as to why you are living this life you have now. Several factors impact our life which may contribute to it either positively or negatively. I want to bring to your notice today some tips which plays a role in shaping our lives. They are:


You heard it. Right? The way we are brought up plays a major role in how our life would be if we grow. For instance, a child brought up in a quarrelsome family tend to be violence always. A child brought up in a rich family will always want to be in luxury.
Our parents and relatives are the key players behind our growth and development and therefore, they are the ones initiating our upbringing until we are responsible on our own. Some characters inhibited in us maybe genetic while others are a result of the habits of how we are brought up.
Some of us falls victims of our parents' actions and are reveal in us whenever we face the world. How about you? Are you still hooked to how you were brought up? If you are, then find out if this was good or bad . A good upbringing is recommended and the best you can do is to improve it while a bad one is what you have to work against it by changing.


We want to live and experience when life is not against us and feel like leaving the world when it is against us. Sometime, the environment in which we are in determine and direct our lives as well as its future. Poverty for example, has fueled major crimes and other vices which if taken care of well, would have made the people behind these to be productive and conservative members of the society.
I thank God that even though I was also a victim of poverty, I learned life values and living by its means. Before you proceed with your current life, I want you to check your life and find out if you still hold on to bad things like laziness, ignorance etc and find a solution to them. These are the hindrances that strangle our potential to be better persons in the society.
If you are exposed to bad life, try your best to be a symbol of change and start with yourself.


Education is the best provision for the journey to old age says Aristotle. Why are even educated people still committing worse things in life when people thought of them to be doing good? Well, many have their reasons for this but the truth is, education is another thing that controls our life.
A good education teaches people values and principles which will help one to be successful or live a responsible life.
Years back, my uncle who was the one catering for my school fess usually criticizes me saying that he was really not sure if I could be able to bring out anything from education. At first, I thought negatively of this after which I later on understood. Anyway, education is a continual provision as you live your life as according to Aristotle, and he is right about that.


Who is your best friend? Who is that person that you want to hook up with always?
The person whom we associate ourselves with are also part of our personal brand growth and development. The company we are in us impact on our well-being. If you you want to be a better person in your society, association is crucial and it is wise associating with smarter people who can help you become one.
I love this saying from Will Rogers; A man only learns in two ways; one by reading and the other by association with smarter people. Even in job life, recruiting companies looks our for individuals who are extra- active individuals and most of these job seekers can be gotten from groups and associations formed by professionals or students who want to engage in other career developing opportunities.
As an individual, associate yourself with like-minded individuals with whom you will grow and develop together. You never know if these people may unveil to you the opportunity that you have been searching for all your life!
So association maybe one of the factors which we maybe hooked to depending with the type of people we are associate with.

Your Success Tips

  • Take heed that you aim at becoming a great member of the society and not someone whom everyone want to get rid of.
  • Be positive always even though life is against you.
  • Make God to be your best friend and he'll shape you to be a wonderful and useful person.
  • Don't limit yourself to what you should know but acquire more.
  • Be in a productive company of people and associate with people who are doing what is good!

What To Do Next


Stay tune to my upcoming article and in the mean time, let me hear your say in the comment field below. Thank you for your time and stay blessed.

To your life success,
Malok Mading


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