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Saturday, October 1, 2011

8 Tips On How To Grow And Develop Your Brand On

In my previous article, we had discussed about some 10 common mistakes to avoid as an Internet marketer and the latest touched something on role/importance of technology in our daily lives.
Today, I want to talk about ways of improving your image which is your brand on Facebook.
When Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004; it took few years to take the world into a surprise mood. In the past following years, it has grown its users base drastically than any other social site. According to the Facebook press office, there are more than one million entrepreneurs in 180 countries world wide, though latest studies on the hand according to Twitter statistics, shows that Twitter gets more than 300,000 new users everyday and there is no doubt that social media is going to be our next platform of operations.

People from all walks of life can be found there on (Facebook) with majority owning personal profiles while few have fan-pages. Marketers on the other hand, with most, have now joined this site and are maximizing on it free traffic to boost there income.
As an individual, marketer or whoever you are, what can you do or what does it take you to grow and develop your brand on Facebook?
You have my answer and this is what to do if you a marketer. The following 8 tips will help you harness its unlimited opportunities and they are:

Unveil Your Brand

Got a brand and want to stand out from the rests on Facebook? Whether you want to grow and develop your personal brand or your business brand, you have to show show people your brand. Your brand is as unfamiliar as the less time you use to show it to me or any other Facebook user.

The first thing to do while on Facebook is to unveil your brand by introducing it to the prospects out there. The difference between you and your competitors is what information people know about your brand and your competitors'. The less they know about yours, the more they are likely not to respond to your brand.
Get sometime within your tired schedule and fix this in and let people on Facebook know that your are also there.

Post Breaking News Related to Your Brand Often

There is nothing as new as good news that gets people to stop what they were doing just to hear news. People love to hear something they haven't heard of or sweet to ears!

Got information about your brand that your client/prospects do not know? Your next step is to post news related to your brand. These can be incentives, new add-on-services, offers etc. If you could post this new thing as breaking news on your profile or page; this is going to keep them coming back to hunt for more and new information.
You can post news every time you find some which is worth their knowing and you will have their loyalty at your services.

Start A Facebook Fanpage

You have all it take to grow and develop your brand on Facebook and that is why Facebook has provide a platform which can help you air out anything you want people to know and this is just FREE! New services have been added recently including choosing people who can subscribe to your updates. So it is up to you to decide who you want to know about you and your brand.

Facebook fanpages these days are more than popular like blogs because of it easiness to create and use all at no cost unlike blogs which may require someone skilled to do it for you. If you are serious to get your brand out there in front of its millions of users for free, then, a fanpage is just what you need.

You can create your own Facebook Page or hire someone to do it for you. But it is easy to make one and hence you don't need to spend your hard-earned cash on those crooks who maybe after your money.
Once your page is up and running, start posting about your brand right away. Share your news to friends or connections, and there you go live online!

Support A Cause

A brand which plays a major role in changing the lives of people is on a success track mission. A good cause that your brand or you support let the individuals you are helping or well-wishers identify you and may acknowledge what you did. Though most people undervalue causes, they are in fact, the gateway to your mission determination and achievements.

For instance, if your brand contribute or campaign for one of the causes, this would not only change their lives but also attract attention and that is the reason why some celebrities are trying to support and contribute to charities, foundations and NGOs just to make an impact on others' lives but also improve their reputation.

Create Your Own brand Group

Groups on Facebook are another way you can use to get your brand out there in front of many. If you are a member of one of the group, sharing your brand is easier and convenient as you only have to post it on its wall and the other members of the group read it.
Sometime, other groups have rules which restrict members on what information they share. So it is wise choosing a group related to your brand niche.

To avoid all these hustles and bustles like spamming, out-of-topic contents etc, creating your group is even a better option and it is much easier to create groups than pages and you can do it if you have everything in place. Facebook even enhance it credibility by allowing one to choose one of the options either to make it a private or public group depending on who you want to access it.

Therefore, if you have come to your decision, get down to work now and decide whether to join others' groups or create your own group which you have total control over it. If you choose, to go to others', it is recommended that you join the one that has a lot interactivity on it and popular so as to go viral.

Hold Facebook Events

A campaign that you just organize about your brand is what Facebook events can do best for you and you can imagine reaching out to all your friends, friends of friends and more within seconds!
If you can hold an event and invite all of your friends to it and they do the same, this will neither cost you a dime nor much time but it will bring you traffic!
Organize an event for free on Facebok and invite your friends to attend. In short it is just Create Facebook Event + Invite Friends = Free Traffic

Maximize On Your Forum Area

Do you know that Facebook has a forum area? Yes. It has. There is a question and answering area for all topics which and your friends may want to discuss. Even Facebook pages have their discussion tab for information sharing.
When you logged into your Facebook account, the tab after these two main Tabs (Update Status, Add Photo/Video and Ask Question tab) The Ask Question Tab is what I am talking about.
When you click on this Ask Question tab, you are entered into the forum area and there you can post your question, news etc and moreover, you can choose to add poll option. Here you can be able to post question or answer your friends and others about your brand.
For you to get something out of that area, maximize on this by turning this as your brand's forum area and only you should be answering questions related to your brand or use it to post updates about your on-goings.

Join Your Niche Brand Apps

App is a short form for application. Applications are Facebook add-on-services created by individuals to solve a particular cause or made for fun. There are numerous apps on Facebook which one can find and use if need be.
Developers made these apps for people of liked-interests and purposes e.g. For people who love games, you may find plenty; For businesses or internet marketing, apps such as Branchout, Networked Blogs etc are there for like-minded people in that field.
To join an app which is related to your brand, just search in the Facebook search box. Apps are free to join and if you use them well, you will be surprise at how much traffic or recognition your brand is getting there.


As you can see, Facebook has plenty to offer people like you and I the opportunity to share our minds and that is why it is changing the way people live and connect with each other.

Have a successful day. Won't you?
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

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