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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

6 Reasons Why There Is No Time Like Present And No Present Like Time

Today is a brand new day like no other day in my life. I just woke up to this blessed, glamorous and wonderful sunny day. The sun has just confirmed nature’s existence over planet earth. You may wonder why I am this way today but I can confess to you that there is no time like today and no today like time.J

7 Reasons Why You’ll Never Experience Success was our previous article and I want to share with you 6 reasons why there is no time like present and no present like time.
First and foremost, I am honoured to have you tuned in to this post. So I am glad and I appreciate it as well.

Humans undertake several life stages which are from birth, initiation(African Traditional Society), adulthood, death you name it. The human population is growing rapidly and life is becoming hard and harder everyday. The present economy is so severe that everyone want to make as much money as one can and put our mouths where our money is.

According to FAO reports released in October 2010, it says that 925 million people are undernourished which is 13.6 percent of the world is 6.8 billion population. The fact is; poverty is creeping it way into our lives and it mean average people will be spending a lot of dollars in order to cater for livelihood.

I want to ask you this question; what if you make today(present) to be like no any other time you ever had?
Well, to give you a leakage of success in life; let me reveal to you the following 6 reasons.

1. Achieve While Young

In the business world, we talk of security of health, wealth and more others which means, being in total control over these and the best time to do and achieve this is when one is young therefore, it is an advantage to the young. And that is why the best you can do to secure your tomorrow is to make your present to be like no any other time in your life when you are still young.
You may ask why, And it is because:

You won’t get the chance to be present tomorrow.
The opportunities available today may not be there for you tomorrow.
New trends and different opportunities will be there.
You may not have the ability to do your best or take advantage of things of tomorrow.
Because of procrastination, you may lose your appetite of things of tomorrow or become lazy.
In reality, you may be fooling yourself today thinking that things are going to be better tomorrow which maybe in vain.

In short, take the present as the building foundation for your future by achieving what you can now while young rather than waiting for tomorrow which will comes with its ups and downs that I am not in a position to predict.

Being old means you lose eye-sight, no longer have the legs to walk you to the toilet or the enthusiasm to read this article BUT I believe you are still young because you still have the creativity which is ever-young in you and experience of your age as an added bonus. Do you think your creativity can get old as your age? No, and I am not kidding!

2. Gain Experience And Knowledge Now!

Our technology has made us so lazy that we think it is making our work easier when it’s actually producing new lazier people everyday and I predict that in the near future, ¾ of world’s population shall be the laziest or dying of poverty because they don’t want to use their hands any more!
I guess you may be wanting to quit reading and your mind suggesting that I wish Malok(me) would have made this post a podcast which if I had done so, you’d have put it aside for later! If that is what’s on your mind, leave it in the comment below.

My friend, if you want life to be better, take heed of these tips by empowering yourself with as much experience as the knowledge you’d like also want for your tomorrow. Do you know that as young, if we all had life’s experience and knowledge of what is ahead of us, there would have been no failures, mistakes but a lot of success stories?

3. Retire Satisfied and Happy

Money experts says that if you want to quit your job or retire young is to have financial pillars and strategies such as investment, assets, a lot of $$$ in the bank. Other advises are compound interest which they say is worthy and recommendable while young.

If you want to retire satisfied and happy tomorrow, today is when you should clear all your debts, credit cards and invest all you can.
Other life hurdles like relationship nightmares, personal and family issues etc should be solved at the present than waiting for tomorrow which shall be time for other better things.
God gave you time which is the present for you to exercise, experiment and use well then wasting it by doing nothing.

4. Take The Bull By Its Horns

The present is the right moment when you should face life’s challenges and make those hard decisions that will determine your future. There is no benefit of sitting over those hot constraints but taking them by their horns which either will be the best decision which you’ll dwell upon in the future or a mistake you’ll learn your lesson and experience which you shall also use to your advantage too!

Do it today because your time is the present which is the only available opportunity and there you go equipped.

5. The Fruits of Tomorrow are In the Seeds of Today

The title of the blog is Pillars of Brand which offers personal branding, reputation growth and development tips to those who want to make the most out of their lives like you!
You may think that I should change the title to something related to the niche but that is another story reserve for another day.

Who you are going to be with or what you are going to have or start at the present whether it is a decision, task or whatever it is; it’s going to impact your tomorrow.

I want to continue to emphasize to you that what you sow today is the same you shall reap tomorrow.
Believe it or not, the seeds you plant today are going to be in the fruits you’ll harvest tomorrow. And this, I mean that what you do today is going to have a share of your fulfilment or failures tomorrow and that is why you should make your time to be like no present and no present like your time now.

6. Fail Today and Succeed Tomorrow

Being afraid to fail and make mistakes today is not going to grant you automatic success but nothing of everything. You have to take action today so as to create room for growth and development of yourself.

Failing today is better because you can recover from it then succeeding at the present and all things vanish in the future and find no resource to overcome such failures.
I am not saying you should fail intentionally but be prepare to overcome if it does, that is taking risks now is going to bear three results which are; failure, success or something in between than staying idly waiting.

This is what will happen; H.Crowquill once said that don’t allow idleness to deceive you; for while you give him your today, he steals tomorrow from you.
Let me say that it is better to fail at present moment than failing tomorrow when you are suppose to be celebrating your success.


It’s my utmost appreciation to you for staying tune to this and other articles. It is now your turn to hear your say if you believe you have something to add or criticize, then it is welcome here by speaking your mind below.

Yours in success,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

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