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Sunday, September 4, 2011

5 Ways To Avoid Being Jack Of All Trades

Recently, I wrote an article about Importance Of Introducing Yourself, which in it, I mentioned something about being in every business program.This spark a heat argument that I decided to write some tips on how to avoid being Jack-of-all-trades today.

This person according to many mean master of nothing. This master-of-nothing guy is all everywhere doing this and that.He/she promote to you this product and if you have no interest in it, he/she offer you the next and so on appeasing you with all types of programs or opportunities.

Remember that Jack-of-all-trades is different from multiple streams of income. Many claim that they are doing 'multiple stream of income' when it is all trades; meaning masters of nothing. Before I move on to tell you how to avoid being this kind of person, let me gives you his/her characteristics. Some of them are:

Characteristics of Jack-of-all-trades

The following are some of the known behaviors/characters of these individuals.

1.Are Not Masters of Their World.

Their desire to do more and more things makes them not to learn/master the world they are operating in.

2. Ever 'Nomadic' Because They Cannot Be Satisfied.

Being focus in life is an important trait to have when it come to success. You will never get satisfied if you are looking at every direction!Most of the so called masters-of-nothing individuals find it hard sticking to one or two things in their life, hence, they are ever nomadic meaning they are trying to taste every greener pasture. Does this mean being focus or ambitious?

3.Don't Care Of Anyone Assigned To Them.

We learn by reading and association with smarter people. Masters of nothing are not expert in their given world that someone who has been given to their care will be left astray because they don't have the basic skills to teach and help them. A newbie for example assigned to one of these persons will be there unattended to. A client or customer seeking the help of these individuals is never taken care of because they have no time for them.

4.Are Greedy and Selfish.

I don't mean to be a critic of these fellow brothers and sisters but the fact remain to be told.All they do is find business or program and wanted to the next one that comes their way. Because they don't possess the skill and knowledge to mentor anyone, worse of all, they even don't care of any person' sake. I hope you have seen some schemes and MLMs to prove this point.

5.Have No Success Blueprint in Anything They Operate

Success blueprint defines the difference between masters of nothing and multiple streams of income masters. A person promoting various business programs and earning a consistent income and is successful in most of these multiple income streams programs is the preferable guy that every one should seek to be.

A Jack-of-all-trades guy, you will find with more than five programs or beyond different programs with which he/she claim to be successful with them. Because they cannot commit their time , effort and money to one thing, success to them is something that they can never experience but instead , you will find them the ones talking the most of it.

Therefore, to avoid being one, remember these tips to define your way to success and become a multiple streams of income guy and not the other. The following 5 ways will help you avoid being one.
  • Create your niche and commit to it only.
  • Stop being 'nomadic" and stick to it.
  • One man's meat is another man's poison. A business which is good to someone else may not be good to you and is not a success guarantee.
  • Become successful with one; then, use this as a success prove in building or joining your next business/MLM.
  • Become a master of your world and know it corners.

Hints and Tips

The world of today is for you and I to make good use of it. It is fortunate of us that we are in this generation where Internet(technology) plays an important roles in our lives and it is best we harness this opportunity. Be patience as you continue with your business and be on the look out of likely trends in business which may boost your business because we are growing and developing everyday.
Take care also that you are not cheated of your hard-earned cash as there are plenty of fraudsters and con people everywhere who want to poke a hole into your pocket!

Otherwise, subscribe if you haven't yet so that you don't miss out other great articles that maybe insightful to you. Thanks for your reading.

Have a blessed and adventurous browsing,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.


Philippe Moisan said...

Hello Malok,

Funny, I was called a Jack of All Trades a few months ago by a member at APSense, because I'm not a specialist in any online marketing area, I'm just doing lots of things in many, like writing articles, doing videos, helping members, sharing tips and news.

I was called a fraud. LOL


Malok Mading said...

Doing several things at a time which you love doing is not being Jack. If you were doing those things without actual having the skill to deliver quality, then, you were Jack but I do remember that time at Apsense.

What was there between you and that person who called you Jack was enmity and jealousy.
Being Jack as the name suggest means engaging in real world experiences and expertises. About your case with videos, articles, etc, it's being a multiple purpose guy the way I understand it.

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