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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is Lionel Messi A Star? How To Be One.

Wow! I haven't seen anyone taking the chance to be a star. Today, you are here wanting to know exactly how to be a star. Congratulations if you want to be a star of your world.Everyone is a star of his/her world but it take few to be stars of other people. Stars come and go. In the past were stars, today, we have our stars, and in the future, there will be some as life continue to produce more. There is no world without its stars as you can see in politics, sport, religions etc. Being a star is a life mission but takes a step to achieve a pie of it. Anyway, Lionel Messi is a soccer star in the sport world and you are the star of your own world whether in corporate, internet marketing, political or in your locality. How Do I Become A Star? You are clearly unto the right path if that is what you are asking! The step are:

Know Your World.

Which world do you want to venture into? Do you have a passion for it and if so, which niche are you focused on? Knowing your world is the first step to you becoming a star. Before you do anything to be a star, discover the niche world that you want to part be of. People who are stars are individuals who realize where they love to be in and that is the reason behind their success.

Unleash Your Potential

The secret success ingredient to be a star is to unveil the powers within you. You can know the world that you want to take part in but what if you don't possess the talent or skill in that world? You will be desperate and fail easily if you just enter that world without first discovering your potential in that field.being a star mean, doing what you love and that is the secret to becoming one. Doing something because others have succeed with it or to please others is the shortest route to downfall and failure. You have to follow your desire and that is where success lies.

Become A Servant

Ability can take you to the top but takes character to keep you there
says John Wooden. The character matters in the stars world than any other best knowledge anyone has ever have.Stars are servant and people who have made it to the top take service as their first role guide. You maybe a born star but if you don't have the humility and courage to serve and help others, you can never experience it. Start with being a servant which is the ground level to being a star, and people will acknowledge you and will propel you to that position you dream of.

Take A Taste

You can never be a star of your world if you are not part of that world. You got to have the determination and courage to be in that world by taking a taste which will help you find out how it feel like to be part and not part of it. For instance, if you want to be a humanitarian aid agent or someone related, you would start by offering voluntary service or volunteer in your community. Students for example use internship as a broadening area to master the world that they would go into. After you have done the above steps, take the time taste and experience being a to-be-star.

Your Summary Tips

Actions speak louder than words and you have to do something at the appropriate time possible. Being focus and on the look out for potential opportunities should also be at your finger tips while associating with people who are in your world is highly recommendable.Being a star to others comes with time and you need less haste but more patience as things start unfolding themselves is crucial.

For Your Time

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