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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6 Golden Ds Of How To Become Successful In Life

Many have written or have talked about rules which defines life in general. Life is a success to others,to others, it is a challenge moreover, to others, they don't know about it. They are just there in the middle not knowing where their life is heading to. I have come to understand that even though we can't understand life, still, we harness the power we have within us to transform our destiny.
In this article, I have put together some tips on how to become successful in wherever life you are leading.
Want to know the 6 Golden Ds of how to become successful in life? I have outline and summarize them here.
Well,my first Golden letter D is:



Most know that there are two types of dreams as well as dreamers. That is, Day dream for a dreamer and a nightmare for (sleeper)a person at rest. I am talking of the first one(Day Dream) for a dreamer. Are you a dreamer? Do you dream of anything? Everyone has a dream which each want to achieve or want to become true. If you want to be successful in life, become a dreamer and have your own dream for your ideal life-to-be. Beginning from here, your dream is your first step to become successful. If your dream is vivid in your mind, well, you are on your feet and the next thing to do is go to your next Golden letter D.



Do you have a wish? What do you love to have with you always? Your dream is a nightmare if you don't a desire to work towards it and have it.Always motivate yourself with the dream that you want to accomplish.

Desire work hand in hand with a dream such that your heart is always at where your dream is. If you don't have a desire for it, then,why put yourself in a strenuous mood or position? Start today if you have a dream that you know and begin loving it. A quick overview of your life now is your starting point by desiring to change your life.



At home, in school, at work place, everywhere you are told countless times to be discipline. I want to say it again this time that even in business, money etc as long as life is concerned, discipline is your secret key to become successful in life.
Every part of our life require us to be discipline so as to fit in and be happy.Let me ask you a question.
You have been spending money joining programs that comes your way in-order to make money/more money. You join this, you find it not fitting your want and you embark on to the next, next + next and next.
Do you think you are being discipline?
Well, go on but the fact is; You are not discipline. All the great people you know who are successful or are thriving in life are discipline.That is, they act in a sense of orderliness in whatever they do or say.

Start changing if you have been indiscipline in someway or other. Things will come your way if you are smart and discipline. In regards to your brand and personal reputation, discipline is a must-have and highly recommended. So you have to include this ingredient to your self-growth now as you wait for success to unfold itself before you.



In the, it has many meanings but in my article it means a Golden letter for success. It means,"Big effort to achieve," "Work your way towards something," though there might be some similarities or are related a little bit,I mean the desire and determination to achieve something.

As added tips on how to become successful in life, 'drive',this, I have include it for more life success results. So know your target which is your dream and take the steering wheel and drive your way towards it.
No matter what happens, put your efforts together and if you run into a wall, don't turn and and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work your way round it. Don't look back and never let obstacles stop you! You have to either find a way or make one.



Work hard to accomplish your goals and make your dream come true. Steady effort;careful hard work to realize your dream is crucial in becoming successful in life. Your hard work and determination to achieve success will earn you fruits if you diligently create your path of life. Hard work can pays you! Be diligent, patience and belief in yourself is all it requires as your priority while working towards your dream. Ben Carson says something about belief in one's self. He says that the greatest obstacle to progress is lack of self-belief. So why not start believing in yourself today and harvest from unlimited and undiscovered marvelous things within you.
Be industrious and fruitful while you grow and develop yourself towards your dream.



You might ask; Why should I dedicate myself to my dream to become successful? Yes. You have to be committed so as to realized your dream or the kind of thing you want to achieve in life. You can't be doing this and that or starting this and next you start the other. If you have decided that the dream is ideal and good for you, grasp it as God-given and take it as yours and know that know no one can take that away from you and use it wisely. Combining the above mentioned Golden Ds and dedicate yourself to achieving it is the secret you can only determine how to spend it.Lest you allow somebody to spend them for you!

Furthermore, many both small and great men and women have been using these 6 Golden Ds of becoming successful to transform their lives and helping others with these too! Henry David Thoreau learnt that if one advances confidently in the direction of his/her dreams and endeavors to live the life he imagine, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

What do you think about this article? kindly please leave me your comment below. I will appreciate your feedback very much.

Yours sincerely,
Malok Mading


Wol Lodovico said...

Good information.

Malok said...

@RWol,Thank you for your awesome feedback.
@ Richiy,I will check that out and do something about it.Glad that you pass by today.

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