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Monday, July 2, 2012

5 Tips On How to Start Your Business Online

Getting your business off its feet to be online is a good turn for your business. The internet has brought major business in front of billions of internet users driving traffic their way and more sale occurring.
So how do you start your business online?

   1.  Identify the business which you want to venture into.

Before you do anything else, you need to choose the type of business which you want to run. Whether it is an online or offline venture, you first contemplate the type of business to set up.

If you already have some products, those are to get you started but if you don’t have any or got no idea where to begin, the following are some business brainstorming ideas to help you:
  •        Offer consulting services to others
  •       Do freelance jobs e.g. become a photographer, writer, web designer, etc.
  •      Get hired online or offline.
  •       Promote (affiliate) products or become an agent of some firms e.g. Mocality agent (Kenyans).
  •      Buy and sell domains, websites and blogs (flipping).
  •      Share information or your hobby (blogging). 
  •      Lend a hand to others (community voluntary services).
  •       Start off with resell rights.
If still you find it hard to identify, then think of:
  •  A problem to solve
  •  Something you passion for or love doing
  •  A need to be satisfied.
After you have your business idea in place, move on to the next step.

2.   Write your business plan

Yes. You have heard/read it right. You need your business plan about your new business in a document form but not in the head! It is therefore your next step starting point.
It should entail the following:
  •  Choice of your business, its objectives, mission, etc.
  •  It worked out design, or structure e.g. name, type and more.
  •  Potential distributors and suppliers.
  •  Prospective clients.
A business plan is a business’ constitution which it uses as a guide book which define it structure, type and operations. Without it, business ceases to function or even exist.
Even investors who fund entrepreneurs’ ideas first seek this document before any concrete deal is arrive at.

3   Budget up the start up cost.

It takes money to make money. That is why you do also need to have some start up capital for your business though this might not be the case for others. Most entrepreneurs or people with ideas fail because they don’t have capital to get those ideas off their heads. You may have wonderful ideas but if you don’t have the fund/capital, still, you’ll live or die with them.

It took me years of hooks and crooks to make both ends meet. Through that accrued experience, I have to caution the starters that money is an important factor of production in business. In short, it can determine your business’ success or failure.
If you have allocated or have identify the source of capital, get down with the budgeting process by letting the business plan guide you.

4.     Sign up first client/ employee

Following the budgeting process, your next immediate step is to find clients or employees for the new business.

Assume your business is to offer consulting services, signing up new clients comes next while hiring employees is an option.  Getting new client can be done through advertisements, campaigns or any other promotional ways.

Take note that if you are starting online, you may not have to get employees as you can handle it alone.

5.     Assess the overall risks and rewards.

The aim of a business is to make a profit and that is where risks and rewards come in. Your business performance should be at your finger tips. This is done through analysis of stats. Business stats help you assess your business by revealing to you whether your firm is doing well or not.
This therefore, will enable you to:
  •  Solve the risks and enjoy the rewards.
  •  Plan for the future and be aware of any likely upcoming risks.
  •  Minimize the risks and maximize its rewards.
  •  Expand if it is rewarding.
  •  Build your empire.
You just saw an empire mentioned. Well, that is your long term bonus but remember that business owners strive to run successful businesses.

Grab this opportunity now to start your business and don’t hesitate to tell us how you start your business in the comment below. Otherwise, be human and share this with your friends who might need it.

Best regards,
Malok Mading

Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Break Bad Habits And Make Changes

This is a new guest post by our latest member to join us. Check out about this author at the end of this post.
Rare is the person who does not have at least one bad habit they would like to break. In fact most of us probably have more than one. However, as Mark Twain once observed, "Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs and out the door a step at a time." But if we can't just fling our bad habits out the window, coaxing them out the door need not be an endless process. In fact, most habits can be broken in less than a single month of serious effort, and even the worst habits seldom take more than several months. Here are five simple steps you can make towards breaking your bad habits.
Be Aware
It's hard to change something you don't know the extent of, and most of us have a tendency to underestimate the degree of our bad habits. People with bad habits are notorious for thinking they indulge in them less than they really do. This is just human nature, we all tend to magnify our good qualities and downplay our bad. Therefore write down every time you do what you want to change so that you have a realistic idea of the size of the change you want to make.
Be Motivated
Simply knowing what you should change doesn't mean that you will change. Many of us go long periods after we've decided a certain behavior is not good for us still continuing with that behavior. No outside force has the power to compel you to stop your bad habits. Only you can provide the motivation, so don't try to quit your bad habit until you feel sufficiently psyched to do it, because if you don't really want to quit than your chances of success are poor.
Be Committed
Once you've really decided you need to break that habit and that you really want to do it, the question becomes how committed you are. Many are the people who say they should, or would or could if only, but who never actually do anything. Plans are fine, but are not worth much if they remain only plans. Only by committing yourself to action can the process of breaking your habit truly begin.
Be Consistent
We've all had the experience of trying to do something, but then approaching it from so many different angles that in the end nothing really gets done. That is a common occurrence when trying to break habits, so once you've decided on a course of action - I will smoke one less cigarette a day for example - then do that and only that. Don't speed up, slow down or alter your habit breaking plan or you may soon find you have no plan at all.
Be Kind
The person you should be kind to when trying to break a bad habit is yourself! Don't beat yourself up over past failures or tell yourself bad things about yourself to "force yourself" into quitting with shame and bad feelings. Few of us succeed at things we find unpleasant, and making your habit quitting a form of self torment can only increase the chances of failure. Instead praise yourself for trying and congratulate yourself for each milestone reached, however small. Give yourself little rewards when you do the right thing. By attempting to change yourself in a positive way you are improving yourself and the world so give yourself all the praise you deserve.
If you use these five steps and are true to your goal, your eventual success is all but guaranteed.

5 Tips To Simplify Your Life

This is a guest post by our new member. Please check out about this author at the end of this post.
There comes a time (or a few) in everyone’s life when you have to face facts. Don't spend all your time in denial if your life is not going as it should. Most people sit around wishing for more than 24 hours in the day. The truth is that most of these people are not doing all that they could do with the hours that they have. This problem is rarely a need for more time. The answers to simplifying your life often involve maximizing the time that you have. The following are 5 tips to help put things into order and perspective.
1. Throw It Away
Tons of things are often just lying around the house. Most people have no idea why they are keeping some things, but they are certain that they need them. This can become one of the biggest time, space, attention and energy wasters in the world. Trying to continuously make space for things that you don't need can be a burden. Take the time to go through your belongings on a regular basis. Throw away everything that you don't need and make room for new items.
2. Scan That Paper
In the midst of throwing things away, the average person will inevitably come across many documents that they do need. The problem is that most people cannot find important documents when they need them. This is where organization comes into the picture. There is no need in spending a ton of time making room for documents and paperwork that can't be found when needed. It is better to scan some things and create virtual folders. This allows easy access to these documents when they are needed most.
3. Make Regular Donations
Some items you don’t need anymore are still useful. In fact, whatever is no longer of value to you may mean the world to someone else. Don't be wasteful. Gather up items that are merely taking up space and donate them to a Goodwill or Salvation Army. You will feel better and you’ll have less clutter in your life.
4. Daily Agendas
No one can do everything in the course of a day. Most people can't do half the things they set out to do in a week. This is why daily agendas are important. These allow individuals to break up their assignments and remember the succession of tasks. At the end of the day, an agenda also gives people an idea of what has been accomplished. This makes it even easier to prepare for the next day.
5. Modern Technology
Some people spend a lot of their time running from technology. It's an inevitable force that appears to consume everything from jobs to the way that people shop and listen to music. It is safe to say that it cannot be avoided, so people should stop running from it. Learn how to pay bills and shop online. This will help you simplify your life by saving you time and money, and you’ll also help the environment out!

People’s Power is Profit and Prosperity

The quality of being popular and famous among our peers is an important asset that every person love to have. Few people possess it and we look unto these individuals for counseling, guidance, mentorship as well as being our role models.

Celebrities play a major role in changing our attitudes and perceptions that later define how we act and respond to life issues. Having people’s power though most-wanted by many, it is only to a few as either God given or learned. The other is what I am going to talk about.

Acquiring people’s power

Attraction or charisma is another definition of having people’s power. That is learning how to attract people to do for you whatever you wanted in life is the theme of today’s article. For one to acquire or learn the charisma, I have put forth someone tips that you can use to have people with you always.

Having charisma is important especially to those seeking to serve other people in leadership positions. Others who want attention from other people do need this to improve their image or for any other reason for wanting it.

For you to effectively harness people’s power, one need to learn people first by understanding the needs of others, expectations, limitations and solutions to their problems. Through mentorship and coaching, a person can acquire it.

How to harness people’s power

Most individuals, who love to be popular or attract others, even though they learn, still find it hard to attract others. As humans, the way we relate to each other also catalyst charisma. If you want to possess this asset, some social skills and deeds play a role in making others to be attracted to you. Just learn to do some simple things like:
  • Help and serve the people.
  • Be an expert yourself.
  • Build your world e.g. a blog in a particular niche.
  • Pride less and humble more.
  • Acknowledge others through endorsements and recommendations.
To go through each of these in brief, firstly, you know that helping others is not aim at getting something in return but you do it by your will and desire to serve humankind. Learn to help others who are stuck in their problems because you never know that one day you might be in your own problem.

Moreover, creating a niche that can help you serve people in your capacity and ability is one other important point to take note of. Look at individuals like Maria Teresa, Wangari Maathai, Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi and others who committed and contributed in seeing changes in the lives of other people.

For people to be attracted to you, become somebody of influence in knowledge, wisdom, experience and skill that you can use to help others. Take community initiatives like planting some trees, cleaning the street; create a blog to inform people in your area, etc.

The others are self-explanatory and I cannot go through all of them but just understand that, the few above can create interest in others to know you and what you do.

Where to get people’s power
You may ask where you can if told to learn attraction. Below are some few places:
  • Blog, website and portfolios.
  • Social networks.
  • Seminars and webinars.
  • Social causes, functions and gatherings.
For you to learn to have charisma at such places, you need to change your mindset, be proactive, and assist others where you are able.

Is people’s power profit and prosperity?

People’s power can be use to make money and improve reputation. Take examples of public relation, this involves linking products to public figures (celebrities) catapult sales. It is easier to generate sales when promoting your product through people who have influence because people trust and look unto them. I do think that people’s power is profit and prosperity.

Best regards,

Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Geeks Vs. Hipsters

A guest post by Absolutelytrue.

It seems the world is run by geeks, designers of video games and computer languages, while hipsters, somewhat free-spirited artsy people, retaliate against the norms of international society.

Geeks rely on rationality as a basis for their needs unlike the emotional drive of hipsters. In other words, the late Steve Jobs was not a fashionable person because he wore glasses due to a vision problem. Therefore, overweight geeks would not wear skinny jeans if they lack the body figure for such clothing.

Hipsters are expressive people as stated in their odd fashion and behavior. Thus, some artists and photographers are hipsters. It would be common to infer hipsters as the supporters of androgynous or gender-bending fashion. Also, hipsters live in their own enclaves because they are viewed as a fringe of society. Some people argue that hipsters are ostracized by society even though they are just individuals enjoying non-mainstream culture.

From: Become Career

Geeks vs. Nerds

This is a guest post by Absolutelytrue

Until very recent times, being referred to as a nerd or a geek has always been a bad thing. Watching movies from the ‘80s, it’s painfully obvious that the terms were considered derogatory and meant to keep certain people in a clique of their own. Though it’s hard to understand why, at some point kids started referring to themselves by one or the other of these names, and many take pride in the labels. Understanding the difference between the two is important to know whether it’s a good thing or not.

Most people realize that there is some difference between a nerd and a geek; they just don’t know what it is. When examining the two labels, it becomes obvious that there are stark differences between the two. Knowing what each of these titles implies will help you conclude whether you appreciate the title or not.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

9 Things That Will Boost Your Confidence Online

Hello reader,

Fear and shyness dominate our being and they never allow us to be the real person we ought to be. Internet marketers and successful bloggers who have been online for sometime have confidence and influence over many people. Today, I would like to share with you 9 ways that you can use to boost your confidence online regardless of who you are.

1.Join a niche network

The first and obvious place to build confidence is to join a group of people who are related to your niche.
Networks covering various niches are ever available online which you can join and network with the people on it. Most of their members maybe within your niche or related hence you are able to brainstorm each other.

The sure way to build your confidence in your area of expertise and at those networks is to be active. These may include; adding new friends, posting articles, sharing business opportunities. Some niche network sites are:
  • For bloggers ->
  • Technology experts ->
  • Internet Marketers ->
  • All Professionals ->
  • Business Social Networks -> and

2.Like-minded community and forums

Yahoo and Google have popular and active groups as well as other forums that you can use to build your confidence. Forums are great sources of knowledge base that members can use for their benefits.

Community sites like Facets World are growing drastically while forums such as the Warrior Forum have invaluable content that you can harness. Teamwork in business programs also play an important role in shaping your skills and networking ability. This involves marketing a product or services as group with aim of benefiting from sales as a team. The key thing is to choose where you to join.

After a forum or community site accept you; for you to build confidence, you need to know many members by being friendly and proactive. This, you can do by posting regularly, asking and answering others’ questions often e.g. at Yahoo Answers.

3.Chat With friends and contacts

Sites such as Facebook, Skype and Apsense have chat windows that can be use to communicate to one another.
Have you ever talked to a stranger? Most of the people we meet online are present on social networking sites like Facebook with whom you can chat and hook up with on Skype. I recommend because it has a good chatting system. Nowadays, you can still access Skype on Facebook as Facebook has made this possible last year.
The good thing with chatting to people is that; it is like an instant face on/off communication where you get immediate respond. When you chat with a ‘stranger’ friend, you are able to get immediate respond directly and at the same time.

4.Build and grow a blog

Blogs are very powerful tools of communication that are changing societies today. Blog are easier to create and anyone can use them. A blog can do the following:
  • Grow an audience of readers.
  • Make you some $$$ money.
  • Inform and educate others.
  • Open opportunities for you e.g. can be use in modern time as a CV or Resume.
  • Help others that is you can employ others.
  • It can bring changes and transform our way of life.
  • Build and boost your reputation as expert.
  • And more others.
As a blogger, a blog can help you gain confidence through interaction with readers. It has been noted that a blog is a business on it own and therefore another form of marketing whereby you are in-charge of its activity. Examples of what you can do are; promoting products, answering clients feedback and complains, selling products and more others.

In fact, a blog can increase confidence by establishing you as an expert in your blog’s niche hence others are able to unto you for information and assistance.

5.Create videos and podcasts

Another way to build and boost confidence is by learning to look into a webcam. This, by recording what you offer in a recorder.

Video marketing is exploding and going viral online these days. Site owners that use videos and podcasts to relay information on their sites are far much ahead of their peers.

For you to boost your confidence, you have to record yourself speaking in a video or podcast. Most marketers fear being seen in a video but if you continue to shy away, neither will you get courage nor get far.

6.Hold a webinar or teleconference

The other important way to gain courage and confidence is to organize a formal marketing campaign or seminar whereby you will feature as the speaker and your client to attend. This method is done online (webinar) and it does not necessarily require one to meet people face to face.

Nowadays, webinars and online conferences are the new mode of communication where you can talk to people in different locations at the same time. Examples like the great Search Marketing Expo hold annually. They combine various media like video, sound, text and other graphics.

When using any of them, you can speak to others while seeing each other ‘live’ as you present your product or information. You also get the chance to ask and answer their questions.

In short, if you are able to speak live to people, you will be on your way of taking control of over your personal weaknesses. Therefore, go ahead, hold one and invite as many people as you can (even I).

7.Get Hired Online

One of the ‘universal motivations’ that people love to experience is; popularity or becoming wealthy. When you are financially stable or have people’s power with you, you feel that you are somebody who is important.

Among ways of gaining wealth is to get employed is through self-employment or get hired in a well-paying job. On the Internet, there are ever-plenty jobs of all fields that anyone who is skilled can fit in.

How would you feel if a reputable company let me say Facebook or Amazon offers you a job? I know some will be jumping with joy depending on your exposure and qualifications.

Anyway, being hired for the skills you possess online e.g. a web designer, freelance writer, photographer etc is another way to boost or grow your confidence. Some other ways of being hired is to guest post on popular blogs, take a freelance job or you may consider volunteering in some cases if you want.

The thing is, you never know what is in store for you but just remember that you are gaining experience and boosting your confidence as well.

8.Become an Expert

Attraction marketing or having influence on a number of people is a great investment that will yield an immeasurable amount or return and can give you the right to get whatever you wanted in life.

People’s power is very crucial not only to individuals who are seeking votes for public offices but also to everyone at large. According to Forbes’ studies, US president, Barack Obama is rank as the most sort-after politician.

Though the Internet is now faking individual identity, it is not a surprise to say that there are many ‘experts’ now online than the actual experts. If your aim is just to have confidence instill in you, do it so by positioning yourself now as an expert. Becoming an expert is not that hard as you start with what you are good at.

There may be some out there who need your assistance and this is the time and the rightful opportunity to fill that gap. As an expert, you can have your blog, website or portfolio set up and there you go growing in confidence.

9.Brand Yourself

Personal branding is one the surest way of taking control of your life especially the confidence that you need to face life hurdles. Whether you want to impress those judges in that contest, want to market that product, want to preach and touch the souls of those disciples, or want to land that job by convincing those interviewers, personal branding is all about you and will always be.

It is in fact, must-know subjects for anyone if you want anything in life. Most people ignore this and sooner than later they realize how important personal branding is to them. To cut it short, branding yourself is one of the other ways to improve on yourself.

I appreciate reading up to this far and for taking the time to tune into this and other articles. As always, I love hearing my guest reader speak their minds and I challenge you to do so by commenting. Otherwise, get some time to tune in for the upcoming article(s) or subscribe so as not to miss out.

Be keeper of yourself and your love ones. Malok Mading – 21st Blogger Boss

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5 Foundations To Determine Your Excellence In Life

Numerous people have talked or have written a lot of tips that can help one excel in your life. Excelling in life is all everyone's task that they aspire to experience. Individuals who have made it to the top have reasons that propel them to the position they currently or once hold.

In areas of life such as in the sport world, you find men and women who are stars; In corporate world, there are people who held onto the success of their firms; In the human arena, still, there are people who passed all odds of life and still make it to the top.

I have come to notice that these fellows are like any ordinary you but the difference between you and them is how they use the followings as their foundations to excellence;
  • Time
  • Mentors/Coaches
  • Books/Research
  • Money
  • Yourself
As you can see, you have come across such words but one thing in these words is that, they are the 5 Foundations To Excellence in Life. So you asked; How?


Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you says Carl Sandburg.
God gave you 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day reason for you to spend and make good use of them. He does not dictate you on what you should waste/spend them on but allow you to decide for yourself.

Have you ever sat down one day and asked yourself, What have I achieve in the minutes, hours, days, weeks etc that God has allocate to me?

Time is one of the foundations you can ever use to excel in life. If you manage your time effectively and effectively, you will find that, every second/minutes you spend has a share contribution in your achievements. Time is God's bonus to man's life which He add as an everlasting and unconditional blessing with which every person should take hold of it carefully.

Therefore, if you want to excel in your life, make good use of your time. This is God's free gift to you everyday that you are here on earth and it is your choice to decide whether to make the most/less out of it.


In a government, there is an advisory board which help it when it comes to advise. They are the people who exercise everyday running and shaping of that institution. To you, the people who know you personally, care about you and guide you when you are up to something are the kind of people I am talking about. They are either mentors or coaches. They help in your transformation stage by molding you to fit into the society or even rise shining on top of the career you are aspiring in.

The people who surround you(not neighbors but circle of advisers) determine how you will be in the world out there. Excellence is not by nature but how we want it ourselves to be because we can determine it by arming ourselves with people who can help us.

You got to have your mentors/coaches that will correct you when you make an error; raise you to feet when you fall and celebrate with you when you are successful. It does not matter whether you are above mentoring age or too knowledgeable to be coached still, it is a chance for you because no one can guarantee no mistakes in life. Remember that everyone make mistakes.

Find people who can help you rise and become successful in life. Mentors/coaches are the people everyone need to have to trim their images and personal growth.


If you want to be successful, learn to be a saver and not a spender. Money is everything nowadays. Some say money is evil but money is just a tool for excellence if well manage. What you do with money can either make them good or evil.

Use money to put you upfront while equipping yourself for success. If you take them as a resource for your journey, then you are on the right track to excellence and that is what is required!

Save your money for rainy seasons because the little saved act as a security for your needs. A penny saved is a penny earned says Abraham Lincoln.


Knowledge is power. Books are source of spiritual blessings that great men and women use to pour out their blessings upon us. As we grow, learning through reading and associating with smarter people are all factors involve in shaping us.

Books help boost our knowledge and in building personal excellence in life. Everyone want to excel in life and the immediate place to find this is in the books. Being knowledgeable improve your skill in the prospective field that you are in hence you become an expert in it while you continue to excel in life.

Research on the hand, is a way of acquiring knowledge through books and it can contribute to your well-being if done effectively.



You are the greatest asset that can not be lost or stolen. People undervalue this and tend to bother of other things but one thing we need to remember and ask ourselves is: All the things we do, are we not doing for ourselves? Therefore, to hit the nail on the hit, it is important to invest your time and money in improving that asset.

When you want to excel in life, if you haven't yet, begin by growing your personal brand and reputation which is all yourself. A self-realization and ideal life vision is the foundation to determine excellence in your life which you need to have always.

Yourself is the foundation that you can build on to excel in life. So why not develop yourself now?

Keeping in mind that not all people can excel in life but it is to our best that we try hard to improve where necessary. We have to discover our potential(abilities) because you never know that you are the destined shining star of your life!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 Ways On How To Activate Your Creativity

Hello reader,

Every individual in the society has a key role to play in all aspects of life as a human being. This makes us different from one another as per God's individuality purpose for mankind. People believe that everything He created had a reason for existence. Us, humans are particularly unique from the rest of the creatures.

Various features separate us but one particular feature is what I want to share with you. This feature is Creativity. Creativity means the ability to come up/produce something new through imaginative skills. Our beloved Father has given us the ability to have a share in His creativity hence we are able to come up with new things or improve the existing ones. The moment we enter the world from birth, this imaginative skill is already imprinted in us.

Level of creativity varies depending on how one unleash it. Others discover theirs easily while others still find it hard. Here, I want to reveal to you how to unleash the creativity within you. Among various methods use to discover your potential, the following tips should help you:

Know Yourself And Personality

The greatest asset you can ever have to be creative is you. We all have our 'selves' which defines us in the things we do. As a secret to activate your creativity, self-realization is the first priority if you want to discover your creativity.

When you know yourself personally it become easier to creative because you believe and are confident of yourself. If you accept the way you are and consider yourself unique from the rest; This open way for your creativity. This implies that your thoughts are the primary concern for your creativity.

When you believe in your personality(yourself), you also believe what you do or say. Hence, your ideas and the imaginative skills within you are achievable. That is,you appreciate and value your thoughts and the creativity to come up with new things.

Don't Kill The 'Golden Goose'

Do you know the story of a man and his wife who killed their only goose because the wanted all the golden eggs at once?These two poor couples had wanted to remove the 'dreamed eggs' which they later did not find because they had slaughtered the only producing goose.

Well, you might be in such situation where by your option/choice is to kill the 'source of your golden egg' which is your creativity. Being a critic of yourself by dismissing the little ideas you got is an issue.

Though ideas part from us the moment we die but any creative idea that comes across you mind and you dismiss it has an effect on you. So be careful lest you kill the only God-given gift that you have because you think it is impossible to achieve believe it is not entitled to you.

Dream Big(Think Outside the Box)

If you create an act, you create a habit. If you create a habit, you create a character. If you create a character, you create a destiny
says Emile Herzog.
Our thinking make us different from each other and the courage separate dreamers from achievers.

Ben Carson knew that thinking big and outside the box influence our destiny and that is why he wrote the book and name it "Think Big" The pillars of creativity are broken into; Think big(dream big), think outside the box and belief in one's self. The secret to realize your creativity is to dream big.

We all have what it take to dream big and unleash your creativity. Every time you imagine big things in your life or imagine your life to be in that completely different and dreamed lifestyle, it can uncover the ability to be creative. This means it gives you a burning desire to achieve and live to your dreams.

Depending on individual dreams and thoughts, all it uncover is the creativity that everyone else dream to have hence the power to maximize on your creativity.

Unleash Your Curiosity To Be Creative

Humans are very curious creatures which has enable them to be intelligent than any other existing creature created on the planet. Various discoveries, inventions, innovations, explanations and theories came to existence because of man's curiosity to learn new things and know the world around him.

Curious people are always ready to learn and even assign themselves tasks to solve hence the creativity to come up with new solutions. Being curious and cautious can help you unveils your creativity to produce a new thing or improve what you already have.

Associate With Like-minded People

A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by associating with smarter people is what Will Rogers says. Indulging with people who can never help you develop your own or show you your own ways are the least people you can ever associate with if you want to grow your creativity.

Believe it or not, the people we share, network or do anything together plays a crucial impact on us. Associating with people who can help you to be creative or take you under their wings if they have been successful is your secret to be creative. Groups, networks or people who can brainstorm your creativity are the immediate resources to unleash the creative you.

Nowadays, there are plenty on the internet that you can join to develop your imaginative skills. Some you can join for free whereas others charge you a small fee before accessing them.

You can even create your own group, forum or blog within your niche and there you go. Others such as adventure can help you learn new things. People go out to various places which expose them to many unlimited activities and opportunities as well. So try one day and go on a bird-watching tour or trip and you will find something ringing in your mind telling you to do this and that.

This is one of my articles that I last wrote at EzineArticles.

Otherwise, it's a chance for you to share or speak your mind now. Do it in the comment field below.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Internet Marketing: Understanding Addiction and Management Tips

What is addiction?

It is the ability of the body’s ability/state not to do without something or get over-dependence to a thing or something.
  • Is there anything you are thinking of negatively?
  • Do you work to impress other people even when you are doing it for yourself?
  • Are you hooked to something and cannot do anything without it?
  • Are the chains of your past habits still holding you down?

Yes, you are addicted if your answer is yes to any of the above questions. Various things make us addicted to them even typing that I am doing now.

Addiction can either be a negative or positive one which one overdo or rely on beyond one’s ability to control it. Addictions affect our being by interfering with how we perform and respond to others. So to shade some light on this;

Some negative addictions are:
  • Depression and stress
  • Laziness
  • Drugs dependency
  • Our liabilities
  • Ignorance
  • Negative attitude

While positive addictions are:

Note: These are based on my personal experience as well as from my opinion and I believe there are others to add to the list.

Addiction in it earlier stages is hard to be notice especially in positive addiction because it is perceive that the addict is making the most of his life by exploring various ventures in order to make both ends meet.

For instance, I like giving example of Jack of all trades. Is this person not mean master of nothing according to some? A person doing several countless jobs, task or anything may think he/she is doing ‘multiple stream of income’ without knowing that it’s actually master of nothing and only hooked to doing those no-return-jobs.

Though positive addictions can sometime lead to an expected failure or success especially the later, one need to take caution on how you go about handling them. Do you know your addiction maybe what you are doing now? Just do this; assess yourself now by grouping what you are good at but are overdoing to be on positive side and the rest as negative addictions.

Positive addictions if done properly, they can avail for you numerous opportunities which can help you while negative addictions as you have seen some examples above can be your assets for success if you do the following tips:

Recommended Addiction Management tips

Recommended Addiction Management tips

  • Accept your addiction(s)
  • Accept who you are, where you are and accept that there is nothing you can do about the past.
  • Get something fun and useful to do.
  • Get a support group e.g. A club or network of people who are doing something positive.
  • Start working on and against your addictions.
  • Change yourself and habits.
  • Don’t work to impress other people because it’s a form of addiction.
  • Don’t overdo positive addictions.
  • Always think positively
  • Never stay idle because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.
  • Consult others if necessary e.g. A therapist or a rehabilitation centers.
  • An lastly but not least, say no to addiction.

Otherwise, I would take the next opportunity to narrate well today's Internet addiction which is becoming rampant. Other than the above I do wish that you get over yourself or share with someone you may think need this article.

Do you think of other ways people are addicted and think got remedies which I haven't mentioned today, try speaking your mind today by leaving your comment below.

Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Imagination Seventy-Seven Times Seven Times

Jesus once told his disciples that the number of time they should forgive anyone who wronged them is seventy-seven times seven meaning countless time possible. I wonder if fellow humans of today can be capable of doing that.

I assume its unpredictable but rather a set to guide one to be on the right side of life and to create room for respect of human life as revenge is not a solution to problems.

I am not good in narrating the Bible but I want to bring to your attention something that I dont want you to miss in this article. So lets be in line……….

Humans have been granted and endorsed with the ability to be creative. That is to think and come up with news but interesting ideas. Imagination. Isnt it?

Imaginative ideas are mental pictures or images based from ones thinking and not from reality. People with imagination are able to come up with innovative and awesome things that someone else like you and I shall be left wondering.

When Mark Zucherberg unleash his Facebook idea, at first, people didnt understand what he was up to but within a short time, his idea when viral like bush fire!

How To Unleash Your Imagination

For you to be like those great people we know, do yourself the following favours:

  • Change your mindset from the past to the present, think of today and hope for tomorrow.
  • Dont follow the majority but be your own self.
  • Dont limit yourself to adventures and different environments as you never know what is in store for you.
  • Give yourself a new challenge everyday e.g. Learn how to use a piano.
  • Engage in various activities like marketing, networking, community initiatives etc.
  • Be curious to know why, how, what, who, when, where things are the way you see them because this is where you imagination lies and it can activate your thinking if you are curious always.
  • Be a good observer of things and pay attention whenever possible.
  • Ignorance kill curiosity so be careful not to allow this to hinder your thinking ability.
  • And more.
A wonderful and inspiring book that I highly recommend for you to check out is Excuse Me, Your Dream Is Calling You by Mbugua. Not only are you going to find it to be your only tutorial but it is your next read-and-travel with it reference book.

I think the book is going to cost you some few bucks which if you buy it, youll never regret having invested poorly but want to pay more. Did I tell you that the information here are free? Yes. Its and I am not charging you unlike in other places.( Anyway, that is another story)

I have always said that we are all born clever but the differences is how one discover that cleverness in you. So what prevent you to be imagine and produce ideas is either:

  • You dont believe in yourself.
  • You maybe a pessimist which is hindering you to be creative and productive.
  • Your attitude may be negative of everything.

  • You havent known what you are capable of.

  • You maybe too theoretical and not a person of facts and practicals.
  • You dont have the ability which you assume and perceive to yourself.
  • You may be a wheelbarrow or a chariot.

For your time, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to come this far which I appreciate very much. Id love to hear your say. Please do so in the comment field below.

Have a great day!

Malok Mading

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