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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 Ways On How To Activate Your Creativity

Hello reader,

Every individual in the society has a key role to play in all aspects of life as a human being. This makes us different from one another as per God's individuality purpose for mankind. People believe that everything He created had a reason for existence. Us, humans are particularly unique from the rest of the creatures.

Various features separate us but one particular feature is what I want to share with you. This feature is Creativity. Creativity means the ability to come up/produce something new through imaginative skills. Our beloved Father has given us the ability to have a share in His creativity hence we are able to come up with new things or improve the existing ones. The moment we enter the world from birth, this imaginative skill is already imprinted in us.

Level of creativity varies depending on how one unleash it. Others discover theirs easily while others still find it hard. Here, I want to reveal to you how to unleash the creativity within you. Among various methods use to discover your potential, the following tips should help you:

Know Yourself And Personality

The greatest asset you can ever have to be creative is you. We all have our 'selves' which defines us in the things we do. As a secret to activate your creativity, self-realization is the first priority if you want to discover your creativity.

When you know yourself personally it become easier to creative because you believe and are confident of yourself. If you accept the way you are and consider yourself unique from the rest; This open way for your creativity. This implies that your thoughts are the primary concern for your creativity.

When you believe in your personality(yourself), you also believe what you do or say. Hence, your ideas and the imaginative skills within you are achievable. That is,you appreciate and value your thoughts and the creativity to come up with new things.

Don't Kill The 'Golden Goose'

Do you know the story of a man and his wife who killed their only goose because the wanted all the golden eggs at once?These two poor couples had wanted to remove the 'dreamed eggs' which they later did not find because they had slaughtered the only producing goose.

Well, you might be in such situation where by your option/choice is to kill the 'source of your golden egg' which is your creativity. Being a critic of yourself by dismissing the little ideas you got is an issue.

Though ideas part from us the moment we die but any creative idea that comes across you mind and you dismiss it has an effect on you. So be careful lest you kill the only God-given gift that you have because you think it is impossible to achieve believe it is not entitled to you.

Dream Big(Think Outside the Box)

If you create an act, you create a habit. If you create a habit, you create a character. If you create a character, you create a destiny
says Emile Herzog.
Our thinking make us different from each other and the courage separate dreamers from achievers.

Ben Carson knew that thinking big and outside the box influence our destiny and that is why he wrote the book and name it "Think Big" The pillars of creativity are broken into; Think big(dream big), think outside the box and belief in one's self. The secret to realize your creativity is to dream big.

We all have what it take to dream big and unleash your creativity. Every time you imagine big things in your life or imagine your life to be in that completely different and dreamed lifestyle, it can uncover the ability to be creative. This means it gives you a burning desire to achieve and live to your dreams.

Depending on individual dreams and thoughts, all it uncover is the creativity that everyone else dream to have hence the power to maximize on your creativity.

Unleash Your Curiosity To Be Creative

Humans are very curious creatures which has enable them to be intelligent than any other existing creature created on the planet. Various discoveries, inventions, innovations, explanations and theories came to existence because of man's curiosity to learn new things and know the world around him.

Curious people are always ready to learn and even assign themselves tasks to solve hence the creativity to come up with new solutions. Being curious and cautious can help you unveils your creativity to produce a new thing or improve what you already have.

Associate With Like-minded People

A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by associating with smarter people is what Will Rogers says. Indulging with people who can never help you develop your own or show you your own ways are the least people you can ever associate with if you want to grow your creativity.

Believe it or not, the people we share, network or do anything together plays a crucial impact on us. Associating with people who can help you to be creative or take you under their wings if they have been successful is your secret to be creative. Groups, networks or people who can brainstorm your creativity are the immediate resources to unleash the creative you.

Nowadays, there are plenty on the internet that you can join to develop your imaginative skills. Some you can join for free whereas others charge you a small fee before accessing them.

You can even create your own group, forum or blog within your niche and there you go. Others such as adventure can help you learn new things. People go out to various places which expose them to many unlimited activities and opportunities as well. So try one day and go on a bird-watching tour or trip and you will find something ringing in your mind telling you to do this and that.

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Best regards,
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