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Hello and welcome!

I am Malok Mading from South Sudan- One of the few guys lucky enough to know about online writing and blogging. I am the person behind this blog.


“Malok has a strategic mind and is constantly innovating. A real think-outside-the-box kind of person.”
“Malok is the type of person everyone just loves being around. Strong work ethic, great personality.” -Steph Pearman  More at Busy Woman At Home.

“I met Malok at APSense. He is a wise Online Marketer and a great person to learn from. His blogs are always cutting edge. Great Reads.” -Patricia Marie Fahrendorf
OTC - Dept of Motor Vehicles
More about here business here:Visit Patricia's site

“Malok is young but his enthusiasm to help others will see him going far.” -
Bill Brown
Co-owner at LowCost-Webspace: He also held a position as Admin at Apsense Business network.

DAVID ERIC AOLL “Mr. Malok is a young man that is a pleasure to work with,a team player and with a methodical approach to his work.” -DAVID ERIC AOLL Marketing Manager,SPSS EA Ltd.(An IBM company);

“Malok is a strong team player. Constantly putting forth new ideas and encouraging innovation.” -Irene Brackett. Read more about her at Apsense.

“Malok is a detail oriented person who is most dedicated to his work nothing ever skips him and he is always one step ahead in all his duties you can only expect the best results from him no matter what task is assigned to him”
Catherine Adhiambo -BDM at AMAGECO

"Malok is very enthusiastic about APSense. He also likes to share his personal experiences in the online marketing world. When you notice a little something and let him know, he is proactive and acts on it at once. I invite you to get in touch with him, read his articles, RevPages, see his blog. Get to know him, you'll find someone you participates in the parade instead of just looking at it." -Phippe Moisan, Integration specialist at Integration Sante

Malok is learning fast on the internet and he has been writing good articles here at APSense. I can only wish him success in internet marketing and God's blessings in every area of his life. Nnamdi Agha.

Malok is doing a wonderful job of taking charge of his online business. He has been active and works hard to accomplish his goals. Brenda Kruse. Find more about this owner of Complete Guide To Million Dollar Internet Business!

Malok is a serious internet marketer. He loves to share information. He is one of the best internet marketers on Apsense. He's very proactive. I encourage everyone to get to know him better.
Salim Benhouhou of Life Colors

George Alal“I have known him to be a very competent person in what he does and so passionate at it.” -George Alal, research assistant, K.M.F.R.I -

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