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Thursday, May 15, 2014

5 Ways Facebook Has Brought More Curses Than Blessings

Do You Think Facebook Has Brought More Harm Than Good?
I recently read Steve Hall's "This is How Facebook is Going to Die" with awe but I have discovered that there are more ways it's actually going to die. Below are 5 ways Facebook has casts its curses on us more than its blessings upon us.

As one of the Facebook users, do you think Facebook is blessing us more than its curses or vice versa? Read on.
Facebook is an online social networking site that was created by Mark Zuckerberg with his fellow roommates at Harvard University. Its creation has been beneficial to millions and millions of people worldwide.

People who have been distanced greatly geographically can connect through this site with no expense at all. It has led to reunion of friends and families, moreover, entertained many and people can share photos through it.

Many business men and women have as well benefited from this since they can put up advertisements to market their goods and services at a very low cost.
Despite the many advantages, Facebook has led to the realization of more curses as discussed below.

# Curse 1: Effect on relationships

Firstly, it has led to the increase in infidelity. This is evident from the rising cases of divorce and separations. You will find that even those in relationships will flirt with the new people they find on Facebook at the expense of their spouses. As we all know, nothing is ever hidden under the sun-that is true revelation.

Sooner than later everything will surface and the truth will be known to all. At times, the breakups may be so fatal and others opt for death as the best option. These relationships also encourage the rampant spread of HIV/AIDS in our society too!

#Curse 2: Poor work rate (productivity)
Productivity has also been hindered due to Facebook. Instead of people to fully cooperate in their duties at work, some set aside some time to Facebook. Time is money and waste of it is a setback to all of us.

Students in lecture halls would rather Facebook than listen to the boring lecturer yapping 'nonsense' to them. At the end of the day, nothing constructive will have been achieved.

Addiction to Facebook has also hindered productivity. Someone would stay up late in the night chatting then sleep during the day wasting their precious time which could have been used in fulfilling other activities.

#Curse 3: Moral values are no longer modern issues

Facebook has also eroded morals in the society. People post nude and explicit photos and videos to be viewed by the public. Also some status updates are usually very suggestive.
Children therefore get exposed at an early age to these and with time you will find them using vulgar language, dressing the way they see people do and even it won't be surprising if they go nude.

#Curse 4: Security is #1 priority

Facebook has also disguised many people breaching its security. Many people use the wrong identity in their accounts. This has led to the kidnapping of a number of people.
In some cases, people hack into other's accounts, personalizing them and use them to taint the owners name and nothing can possibly be done about it.

Also, from the job advertisements, people get victimized from the supposed job offers that one has to pay a certain amount to get the job. These employers then get the money and disappear.

#Curse 5: Virus owners are thriving and our computers are dying

Anyone who goes onto Facebook is susceptible to getting a virus. You can end up opening a file that you think is safe because your friend sent it. The links shared by friends could cause great havoc.

Take heed of files you open and share on Facebook otherwise you could end up paying a lot of money to get the computer fixed.
These are the biggest disadvantages of using Facebook. If you are careful of your Facebook activities, you'll be better off.


Always be keen on who you add as your friend because you'll never know when harm is coming your way. Having mentioned all of the above, I can say that Facebook has brought more curses than blessings.

Even though Mr.Hall shared his view on majority of teens shifting away, still adding the above could also kill it as adults will also lose their trust, belief and patience waiting for Facebook to come good.

Without dismissing how important it has really impacted our life, Facebook has values that will bind its users. Do you think Facebook has brought more harms than good? Or what's your view? Share it in the discussion.

Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

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