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Hearing from you is my priority. I always seek to listen to your feedback. By letting me know your issue in time, I’ll make sure, I give you the best assistance possible. Before you contact 21st Blogger admin, I have tried to identify various issues which include:

General site problems

If you have suggestion or any issue with the 21st Blogger usage such as technical, email/passwords or any other related problem, let me know at support [at]

For reviews

21st Blogger provides free product reviews; if you have decided to give your product the exposure it deserves, get in touch with me by submitting your ticket to reviews [at]
Be sure to include all information about your product including links, images or videos, etc. I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Copyright & media

If you have complains, copyright or any media issue, don’t hesitate to send me your feedback via support [at] . Kindly, elaborate your issue in details so that I can give you immediate respond.


Are you impressed/annoyed with the quality of 21st Bloggers reviewers’ work? Share your happiness/disappointments by writing to info [at] . Do remember to include your names (at least 2 names), link/email, your message and maybe your photo.

Case Studies and success stories are welcome. Once you contact 21st Blogger, I’ll review it and publish them once the fit this blog's content. Just mail it to the email above with do mention it so as we can be able to identify it easily.

Once we receive your message, we’ll make sure to get back as soon as possible.
Otherwise, we appreciate contacting us. Kind regards,


Malok Mading
21st Blogger Boss 

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