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Monday, February 27, 2012

Internet Marketing: Understanding Addiction and Management Tips

What is addiction?

It is the ability of the body’s ability/state not to do without something or get over-dependence to a thing or something.
  • Is there anything you are thinking of negatively?
  • Do you work to impress other people even when you are doing it for yourself?
  • Are you hooked to something and cannot do anything without it?
  • Are the chains of your past habits still holding you down?

Yes, you are addicted if your answer is yes to any of the above questions. Various things make us addicted to them even typing that I am doing now.

Addiction can either be a negative or positive one which one overdo or rely on beyond one’s ability to control it. Addictions affect our being by interfering with how we perform and respond to others. So to shade some light on this;

Some negative addictions are:
  • Depression and stress
  • Laziness
  • Drugs dependency
  • Our liabilities
  • Ignorance
  • Negative attitude

While positive addictions are:

Note: These are based on my personal experience as well as from my opinion and I believe there are others to add to the list.

Addiction in it earlier stages is hard to be notice especially in positive addiction because it is perceive that the addict is making the most of his life by exploring various ventures in order to make both ends meet.

For instance, I like giving example of Jack of all trades. Is this person not mean master of nothing according to some? A person doing several countless jobs, task or anything may think he/she is doing ‘multiple stream of income’ without knowing that it’s actually master of nothing and only hooked to doing those no-return-jobs.

Though positive addictions can sometime lead to an expected failure or success especially the later, one need to take caution on how you go about handling them. Do you know your addiction maybe what you are doing now? Just do this; assess yourself now by grouping what you are good at but are overdoing to be on positive side and the rest as negative addictions.

Positive addictions if done properly, they can avail for you numerous opportunities which can help you while negative addictions as you have seen some examples above can be your assets for success if you do the following tips:

Recommended Addiction Management tips

Recommended Addiction Management tips

  • Accept your addiction(s)
  • Accept who you are, where you are and accept that there is nothing you can do about the past.
  • Get something fun and useful to do.
  • Get a support group e.g. A club or network of people who are doing something positive.
  • Start working on and against your addictions.
  • Change yourself and habits.
  • Don’t work to impress other people because it’s a form of addiction.
  • Don’t overdo positive addictions.
  • Always think positively
  • Never stay idle because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.
  • Consult others if necessary e.g. A therapist or a rehabilitation centers.
  • An lastly but not least, say no to addiction.

Otherwise, I would take the next opportunity to narrate well today's Internet addiction which is becoming rampant. Other than the above I do wish that you get over yourself or share with someone you may think need this article.

Do you think of other ways people are addicted and think got remedies which I haven't mentioned today, try speaking your mind today by leaving your comment below.

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