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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Imagination Seventy-Seven Times Seven Times

Jesus once told his disciples that the number of time they should forgive anyone who wronged them is seventy-seven times seven meaning countless time possible. I wonder if fellow humans of today can be capable of doing that.

I assume its unpredictable but rather a set to guide one to be on the right side of life and to create room for respect of human life as revenge is not a solution to problems.

I am not good in narrating the Bible but I want to bring to your attention something that I dont want you to miss in this article. So lets be in line……….

Humans have been granted and endorsed with the ability to be creative. That is to think and come up with news but interesting ideas. Imagination. Isnt it?

Imaginative ideas are mental pictures or images based from ones thinking and not from reality. People with imagination are able to come up with innovative and awesome things that someone else like you and I shall be left wondering.

When Mark Zucherberg unleash his Facebook idea, at first, people didnt understand what he was up to but within a short time, his idea when viral like bush fire!

How To Unleash Your Imagination

For you to be like those great people we know, do yourself the following favours:

  • Change your mindset from the past to the present, think of today and hope for tomorrow.
  • Dont follow the majority but be your own self.
  • Dont limit yourself to adventures and different environments as you never know what is in store for you.
  • Give yourself a new challenge everyday e.g. Learn how to use a piano.
  • Engage in various activities like marketing, networking, community initiatives etc.
  • Be curious to know why, how, what, who, when, where things are the way you see them because this is where you imagination lies and it can activate your thinking if you are curious always.
  • Be a good observer of things and pay attention whenever possible.
  • Ignorance kill curiosity so be careful not to allow this to hinder your thinking ability.
  • And more.
A wonderful and inspiring book that I highly recommend for you to check out is Excuse Me, Your Dream Is Calling You by Mbugua. Not only are you going to find it to be your only tutorial but it is your next read-and-travel with it reference book.

I think the book is going to cost you some few bucks which if you buy it, youll never regret having invested poorly but want to pay more. Did I tell you that the information here are free? Yes. Its and I am not charging you unlike in other places.( Anyway, that is another story)

I have always said that we are all born clever but the differences is how one discover that cleverness in you. So what prevent you to be imagine and produce ideas is either:

  • You dont believe in yourself.
  • You maybe a pessimist which is hindering you to be creative and productive.
  • Your attitude may be negative of everything.

  • You havent known what you are capable of.

  • You maybe too theoretical and not a person of facts and practicals.
  • You dont have the ability which you assume and perceive to yourself.
  • You may be a wheelbarrow or a chariot.

For your time, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to come this far which I appreciate very much. Id love to hear your say. Please do so in the comment field below.

Have a great day!

Malok Mading

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