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Friday, December 30, 2011

30 + Tips On How To Brand Yourself For Success Part 2

Hi again,

First and foremost, let me say sorry for taking long to post part 2 of the first article of this as well as the monthly update.

To cut the long story short, let's get ahead with our part two which is what I am going to share with you today. If you don't know what I mean about this article that I am talking about, then, I shall include the link of part 1 at the end of this article. So don't worry. Hope you get along.

To continue with our previous numbering, we had reached up to Number 15 which was Self Discipline. Next is.....

16. Respectful.

Anything that might annoy the people around you matters to your brand. However unskilled(newbie), poor or whatsoever person you think to be of no value to you or your brand is a mistake which contribute to the failure of many who want to brand and build their reputation. So be respectful to others and they will in turn return the favour.

17. Be Punctual.

I don't mean to come in/on time but fulfil people's expectations. I know some may want to condemn me because of my failure, and I beg your pardon in my ability which I was unable. I hope it is settled.

Anyway, the punctuality I mean, for instance, you want to deliver a product or anything to your clients, then be punctual and try to do it toy your best and within their expectations as well as the given period.

18. Keen and Attentive.

If you have a business, your customers are the first priority you have to be keen and pay attention to them.

If you are a blogger; readers' comments, suggestions and criticisms are a must whereas to a website owner; complains, views, opinions etc, range on top.
So keep your eyes open to likely brand-related or success tips that will increase your chances of improving your productivity and creativity.

19. Set Goals.

Goals guide us towards the ideal life of our dreams. Setting personal goals put your life in a clear light which let you define and know what you have achieved and what you haven't.
Brand yourself and build reputation by setting your short, medium and long term goals now.

20. Hard working.

Hard work pays and only to those whose hands are brown with soil can receive the rewards. We got to work to eat. Isn't it so?

If you are a Bible reader, please, turn to what Apostle Paul said in 2 Thessalonians 3:10.(Whoever refuse to work is not allowed to eat) You may read it at your spare time. While for those who don't read it(Bible), just keep in mind that working is the sure way to make a living in life.
Otherwise, to us all, we should do all we can to be what we want to be and have all we want to have.

21.Purpose informed.

Why do you want to be successful or in other words, why do you want to live the life you dream of?

We have different answers to these questions but one thing that I want to share to you is; be informed always about why you do the things you do to brand yourself and build reputation to be successful.

22. Choose your network wisely.

People we associate or network with have roles they play in shaping our everyday lives. Be careful of those you network and share with. This either can be online or at your locality.
Associating with like-mind individuals enhance your personal brand growth and development.

You should choose wisely so as to help one another when one get stuck.

23. Create time for leisure and relaxation.

If you are a student, you got to spare some time for constructive leisure which will not indulge you in biases. If you are an internet marketer or any other professional in your field, what you want to achieve within the given mandate is important and so does your physical, psychological or emotional development in contribution to your being.

Good personal managers of themselves are those who know how to do things at the right place, at the right time and for the right reason.

Therefore, be cautious of your health by creating time for your leisure and relaxation in order to activate your mind's ability to process information for better results.

This I mean, health is also part of your personal brand which is image building. Look at celebrities for example, all they care about most is their bodies and health because they are very important.

24. Be knowledgeable and equipped

Various means and methods nowadays are ever-available which make it easier to build knowledge in many different type of fields. Means such as e-books, magazines as well as sources like forums, websites and blogs, you name them are all knowledge-gain places which anyone can use to equip his/herself.

Meaning you gain reputation to be an expert in that field or be on the know-how.
As a branding tip, you need knowledge of your niche so as to be considered fit enough for it and be capable in your competitiveness.

25. Consult when necessary.

You can't know anything until you learn that you don't know everything. Don't be too satisfied with ignorance that you don't need to consult anyone because you firmly or think that you know everything.
You have to consult others who might have experience and knowledge which you haven't known yet.

When you have doubt in what you know, what you've done or are about to do; please consider consulting someone you know can help you or anyone you value their criticisms. You'll be surprise at how much that person will reveals to you!

26. Accept correction.

To err is human. We all make mistakes and people who make the most out of their mistakes are those who accept corrections and the non-quitters.

Before you embark on to brand yourself, accept the mistakes you did and put into account all the corrections available for you and move on with your life.

Some people thinks failure is the end of everything but failures should motivate you by not dwelling on your past and correcting where you err.

27. Have visions and dreams.

Visions defines the way our life look like and dreams gives us a desire to make a vision a reality. Dream big and have visions for your ideal dreamt life as you brand yourself to be successful in life.

28. Be Neat.

Another little thing that I would also like to add to this is neatness. Whether the way you dress; how you organize your articles; the way you answer others; all you have to remember is to be neat always.

29. Take Actions Now!

You may continue to read, learn and arm yourself with all the information in this world but if you don't take actions, then it is vain and you will never see what you want to become. Instead, it is like chasing the wind which King Solomon tried to narrate.
You got to decide now and take actions by working.


As always, I love hearing from my reader, and this you can do by leaving your comment below. I'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, I left out number 30 and others to reduce time and would be glad if you don't mind.

I believe you must be getting tired now of this lengthy article. Thanks for your patience and hope you turn up next time.
Stay bless and have a good day.

Malok Mading

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