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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Five Before Five Brand Growth & Development Tips

Hi dear reader,

I just celebrated my birthday recently. Sorry for not informing you earlier but I believe for those of you who have connected with me social networking sites such as Facebook, did received my special and regular updates.

This week, I am back with 5 things before 5PM tips as our today's article. Before I move on, I want to first say thank you for tuning in to this article and other articles from me.

What to learn from this article

This article is to give you some insight and guiding tips on why should come up with 5-to-do list of things before the day end everyday, a week in a month for a year.

In other words, I mean, for you to make the most out of your life, you've to come up with 5 things that you must do or add to your current life.

5 Before 5PM

The current world is going technological and it's not a surprise that 3 billion Internet users shall be achieve in no time. Majority can be gotten on social sites with most spending countless hours Facebooking, Twittering, some Kidding on Linkedin while others cheering on Youtube.

Though Internet has change our way of life, most individuals are losing precious time, effort and money which they could use to do other useful things.

Internet addiction as a by-product of the Internet, these days, is a fact and developing countries are finding it hard to control this modern form of human monsters. Apparently, there are a lot of job sackings; new relationships springing up; and more others are happening.

I, myself is also part of the Internet world running this blog, marketing here and there, posting updates on social sites and even making money with it!
If you've been surfing the net for long now, I want you to put a halt to it and sit down and think.
In short; this is how you are going to start.

Things you need are:

  • A pen or pencil
  • A writing pad or piece of paper
  • Time-to be alone with no obstruction.
Now get down and think of what you need to do. Go ahead and list down things you should do today and before the clock hit 5PM.
You may list many but choose five achievable tasks that you can be able to do. To give you hint on this technique; for instance, during my daily basis when I wake up in the morning, like today, I am doing the following:
  • I write two articles (one of them is this you are reading).
  • Read all my mails and reply to some.
  • Read a 370 page novel.
  • Research about five topics on five articles to write about next time.
  • Do my daily house chores and work as well.
And all these, I make sure that I finish them before I retire to bed with a five minute Bible reading and five minute prayer until I learn that I fall asleep while praying.

By the way, they are not the only things that I do in a day but I do other plenty of recurring things. I am just giving you some hints on how you can organize your day's session.

Therefore, if you'd like to be productive and make the most out of your day, get up every morning and choose 5 things you must accomplish before the day ends regardless of its simplicity or hardness.

It may seem hard but with time and determination, you'll find that you are used to it and in actual sense, you've achieved a lot. The five things you should do may be on:
  • Something that will build a foundation for your future success e.g.a business.
  • Boost your knowledge to be creative and productive e.g. A course or a book.
  • Improve your life.
  • Help others(volunteer) or paid job as well other things that can contribute to your life directly or indirectly.

Hints and Tips

For you to consistently maintain and be successful with this method, the following tips and hints will help you.
  1. Firstly, avoid procrastination and maintain discipline to yourself
  2. Schedule your time such that one task not take much time instead balance it.
  3. A journal or writing pad will be helpful in jotting down your list.
  4. Set an alarm in your personal mobile phone to help remind you of what to do
  5. Engage your family, relatives or colleagues to help you by supervising your work(there is no need of this if you are not a lazy person)
  6. Be orderly in managing and carrying out your tasks and don't mind of perfectionism because you aren't learning to be one!
  7. Undone tasks maybe pushed to the next day but to avoid work overload, try not excusing yourself but instead face them.
  8. Lastly, reward yourself for completed things and remember to smile always


In my conclusion, I appreciate reading up to this far and hope you do so in my next article(s). I'd also want you to subscribe so as not to miss out.

As always, I want to give my reader a chance of speaking. This, you can do it in the comment below. I do welcome constructive criticism, other tips and above all, your point of view either how you react to this article or anything you want to share.

Best regards,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.


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