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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Don't Be Like A Wheelbarrow-Going No Further Than You Are Pushed.

Don’t be like a wheelbarrow-Going no further than you are pushed by others is what John L. Mason says and I am much very upset to see you or someone else limiting him/herself to opportunities.

Today, you’ll have to bear with me because I am going to talk ‘hard’ meaning you’ll find this out in the article. My quick intentions tells me that people fail because they are not ready to stand tall and be counted. Market leaders, CEOs, politicians have been known to lead the flocks of which some of the so-called followers believe that they can’t fit the shoes of their masters.

Who said that you can never be the head and not the tail?

Still, there are some other individuals who will not take a decision until the are urge, motivated and told to take actions and make crucial decisions concerning their lives. Well, it is not a surprise to hear that even now I would rather tell someone to share his/her mind in the comment field below which some may think is force but that isn’t it.

If you have been dreaming that you’ll implement that project later, later means you give someone else whose doors haven’t been opened but instead allow that person to take away your opportunity. Some claim that they are waiting for the right moment when they shall take actions but the fact is; they are vessels of words and not actions.

I believe reading this won’t make you take actions because I tell you to do so but it is my hope that after reading this, you will never allow yourself to be told do this and that when you already know that it is the right thing to do.

I guess you are worried of the tone of my voice but that is not the case, the problem is with you being pushed and dragged along like a wheelbarrow. When are you going to stop and do something?

If today is not your day, then, whose day is it?

Dear friend,

I took this opportunity to bring to your notice that being pushed by others is not a better option in your life, instead, it is your first mistake before you even fail in your mission. In my conclusion, I want you to give yourself a chance to be a decision maker of your own and try fitting yourself in the image of someone greater that you know.


  • Read less today and do more in your life.
  • Aim at the top and not the tail.
  • Take firm decisions and do them rather allow someone to decide or push you.
  • Go Ahead! Break the Chains is going to be our next article.

It’s my utmost appreciation that you tuned into this article and hope you do so in the coming post or visit my blog for other personal branding, reputation growth and development tips if you want to make the most out of your life.

To your new action steps,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.


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