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Friday, November 25, 2011

Be Branded, Be Bold, Be Bold and Be Brave While You Speak

Hail King or Queen of your own brand!

Public speaking is one of the best platform of analysing how much power you have over people and knowing what other people think of you.

The art of speaking in public is a special skill that take time and much practice for one to take charge of fear and shyness. Amongst the most popular or celebrities we know, one of the qualities or skill they possess is public speaking and there is no doubt that they are good at it.

In this article, some of the tips and hints that will help you boost your confidence in speeches and in other public speaking ways are: Be branded, be bold and be brave.

It's important to be brave and bold when you want to voice your concern. If you are too timid to speak your mind, most people will tend to take advantage of you.

Branding yourself on the other hand is a direct form of beating off your personal weaknesses.
By being bold, brave and above all brand yourself means;
  • You can gain confidence in public speaking.
  • Learn how to overcome personal weaknesses such as fear and shyness in your speaking.
  • Influence others hence you get people's power.
By the way, having these three at your fingertips can help you in your professional communication and in speeches.

I guess some of you wonder why people like Winfrey Oprah and Joel Osteen are able to drag masses of people their way. I believe it is not far from actually being bold, brave and have learn to brand themselves the smarter way.

I have no doubt that United States President Barack Obama is the most inspiring and best public speaker in my own point of view but I believe you too should have these skills as well.

In other word, I would say that the art of speaking before people is recommendable if you want to harness or have the power of other people.

To help you on how to become a better public speaker or learn to air out your speeches; there are plenty of public speaking programs and coaching seminars both online and offline.
Therefore, do your research but keep in mind the above three tips I mentioned because they are the core elements that you need to unleash in yourself in order to better in your speaking.

Other than these, if you've something to share or just want to speak your mind, then, you are granted that opportunity to do so by sharing your say in the comment box below.

Best regards,
Malok Mading.


Qurrat-ul-aiN said...

Very nice articl :p

Malok Mading said...

Hi Qurrat-ul-aiN,

I like your awesome feedback. It's great hearing from you.

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