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Thursday, November 17, 2011

5 Secret Branding Tips For You To Be Successful

Warmest greeting dear reader,

As for me and my family, we are doing great and I have been little bit been busy doing a couple of activities which include compiling this article.

What to learn from This article.

In my previous article, I discussed with you about giving yourself the will-power to take actions of your life and let no one to push you like a wheelbarrow which goes no further than it's pushed.

Today's article is about some 5 secret tips that you need to know if you want to be successful in your own world. These are branding tips used by many great men and women to make the most out of their lives.

Since I don't want you to be left in the world of emptiness (suspense), and I want to reveal those 'secrets' to you. I care less if you don't read these secrets but I care for you more if you want to really change your life. All you have to do is continue reading as I am revealing to you those 5 proven secrets that work.

Did you just heard me saying that they are secret and are proven to work too? If yes; Great! There is more to find out ahead as you read downward and what I need from you is to pay attention.

So if you haven't been dragged behind, then, let's get rolling....

1) Spend within your means and don't live there.

Social ranks or classes of the society cannot define you; what define you is what you've decided today for your future.

If you were born from a poor or rich, elite or outcast; you don't have to live within that status. The mean secret behind living there mean that;
  • you'll never go out there;
  • you won't work to be successful;
  • and you'll never bother leaving your life behind.

If you want to be successful, spend your life's values within your expense and limitations and don't live there. This, for instance, if you live in a poor residual house, that does not mean that it is your destiny but there is even a better one for you which you have to discover.

You may cut cost of living but you don't have to live within it because you'll be stagnant and never go forward.

2) Talk with people smarter than you.

This another surefire secret way of learning to be successful. Marketers, leaders, politicians, experts or those you consider to be smarter than you have their success stories and invaluable advises that can propel you to your dream.

These individuals are the right people to talk to and they will help you find your way because if you possess their power, you'll get whatever you want in life without much hurdles, hustles and bustles.

Be careful too while hooding and snipping around every successful person's corner trying to talk to those you think are smarter than you, instead figure out how to approach them in a professional way or in a social exceptable manners.

When I was starting online, I had much ignorance in my being of some so-called 'gurus' or whosoever as I don't believe their hypes. But later on, I stumbled upon a couple internet marketers who not only become part of my professional contacts but friends too!
You may see some of those I called experts on Meet Expert page of this blog to find out some of the few I chose.

There are some with whom we are about to unveil our partnership soon which shall not come as a surprise.

To emphasize a little, there are some smarter people who are yearning to share their knowledge and experience with someone which might be you!

3) Listen to those more spiritual than you.

Our third secret is to hear by listening to those who are more spiritual than you are.
We all have beliefs and perceptions of various things in life but one thing I'd like to mention to you is; learn wisdom and knowledge from those you believe or are believed to be more spiritual than you.

Before I got to my present self, I used to say this; I am not an atheist because I acknowledge God's existence and I don't follow religion because I care for you human life.

Anyway, I love wisdom a lot and it's one of my favorite subjects for discussion and knowledge sharing. Speaking words of wisdom won't make you successful but help you understand, define and discover the gifts of life from God.

So learn your way by behind at their side whenever you need their wisdom because you never know that you might speak to me in tongues one day or everyone saying your quotes!

4) Ask questions of those more successful than you.

To ask is not being foolish but rather to be afraid to ask is the actual foolishness.
Most people fear asking even a simple questions. Who said that when you ask somebody a question you'll be killed or laughed at? Even a simple asking like; Malok (me), how do you make money online won't make you less or annoy me if I may say it that way. Answering this won't hurt anyone or take ages to answer.

Curiosity is what it mean to ask questions of those more successful than you you. Successful people have a lot to tell you because they've already succeeded and likely to respond to you.

It is not a guarantee that you'll get all the answers you want answered as there are some who decline or may charge you. Asking is another form of learning from those more successful than you and it's apt to you to get to know what you need to know.

So take it as a learning and resourceful moment to gain their secrets so as to be like them.

5) Lend a hand to those less fortunate than you.

Many celebrities, philanthropists and well-wishers are building their reputation just by giving the little the have to various causes, charities and NGOs.

You too should consider doing the same in a way of expecting no return, not to be praise or honored but because it's a right thing to do as well as for your goodwill of changing people's lives.

There are many causes that have their presence online which are there to solve life issues like hunger, diseases, disasters, education etc. If you want to know about them, you can join me in supporting some. I do have one for Southern Sudanese Youth who are in the music industry and those aspiring to be in it one day.

On the other hand, in your locality, there may be plenty of such that you may be of a help to them. Explore your area and find out the ones you can share out your assistance. Volunteering for community work is also another one. E.g. Building the bridge, street cleaning etc.

Otherwise, it's my utmost appreciation that you tuned in for this latest updates and hope you do so in my next article. Thank you for your time and would gladly urge you to subscribe so as not to miss out on other.

Considering the fact that you too have your opinion and point of view, I welcome you to peak your mind in the comment field below. So do so below.

Best regards,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

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