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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Personal Quality Vs Price in Service Delivery

How much will you charge me if I can pay for your services? This is the question clients ask always and you’ll give your prices. Isn’t that so?

If I ask you why do you charge that price?

One day you when shopping in due time passed by a shopping mall and decide to window shop. In the process, you saw a particular item that catch your attention and get some interest to check out. And there you enter the mall to confirm if your eyes are not playing a game of your curiosity and not likely to deceive you.

Out of your curiosity, you find that it is not worth buying and proceed to the next mall. At this next place, you happen to find a similar product but it price is either too high or low than the previous.

As a likely customer, you’ll have to choose between their prices and qualities. Isn’t it? Right? Well, how about your services that you give to others?

Price and quality have for a long time been in controversy over man’s choice and want which makes him loss his ability in favour of influence. Some people prefer some things because of quality whether its price is high or low whereas to others, price determine their choice. I don’t know where your stand is or what you go for. All you got to do is speak your mind by having your say in the comment below.

As an individual, to what preferences do you offer your services to other people? Do you give your services per your experiences or quality?

Some mindset people argue that one should go for the one with experience. What if you have had a massive experience and don’t offer value in your experience?

What I found out.
  • Judging quality by its price is what majority do.
  • Giving high quality while the price is low is a challenge to most experts.
  • Majority say that price is more important than quality.
  • The price is not good if we don’t like the quality of your services.
  • Some assume the higher the price, the greater the quality which may not be right.
  • People today tend to go for cheaper services thinking to save money! Cheap is expensive in the long run my friend.
  • They say price is the most important factor to consider when choosing services.

Otherwise, don’t be too quick to dismiss the fact that both are important but you have to make a choice over the two. Personally, I have my own version but I favour quality when I am dealing with long term plans.

Next time you go out shopping, let this ringer in your mind; I am paying for these because of its price or quality? Personal quality in the service that you give is very important because it’s my view that quality gives you satisfaction.

I want to hear from you now and this, you can do by commenting below. Speak your mind now and I shall make sure to get back to you.

Have a blessed day,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

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