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Friday, October 7, 2011

30 + Tips On How To Brand Yourself For Success Part 1

Hi there,

Money Harvester which talks about personal branding, reputation growth and development is today, going to share with you some 30+ tips on how to brand yourself wherever you are.
The first part of it are some 15 tips and part 2 shall entail the rests. So get ready to arm yourself with these tips. It is my my knowledge that you won't know them all but a grip of some of these shall open your eyes.

1.Become A Top Achiever

Becoming an achiever in your niche area and grow your brand is the first step to you branding yourself. Remember that courage separate dreamers from achievers, so be courageous enough to be a top achiever in your field. I believe this is one of the sure ways to grow and develop in order to become a better person in the society.


Be a person who have sensible and practical ideas that you can be able to do or achieve in your dreamed period.


Don't be everything but be something. That is, work per your niche venture and stick to it only. Being specific means you don't go beyond than what you aspire to be or have.


Orderliness go hand in hand with personal branding. You have to be organized while building your brand so as to create room for planning your growth and development while minimizing on failures.
Start by Organizing your time, yourself and your money as you continue to prepare your way for success.


Seriousness in branding yourself while selling yourself is the personal brand toolkit that you need to have when you want to be successful. Taking things easy is not an excuse for failure but how serious you are matters in determining your success.

6.Concentrate On Yourself

Investing your time and money in yourself is the secret tool you can ever have to excel in life. What you need is to concentrate on what is crucial to you and your love ones if extended.


You have to be unique as "yourself" because you are not like others and are not a copy of anyone but you are yourself. Every individual is different from the rest hence the reason for being unique. Where the majority follows is where one is likely to reap failures because it has fierce competition which will not promote but strangle you.


Having a basic knowledge about you and your niche expertise is what you need to brand yourself. Everyone is born clever but how you unleash and maximize on it makes one either intelligent or a fool.


Competition is somehow good for growth and development but sometime can cause unexpected things. There are numerous individuals who want to brand and grow their reputation in life who may either come to compliment you or compete with you. So look out for potential competitors who might be out there.
If you want to be successful, be competitive and position yourself as a risk-free competitive brand.


Team work is power, sharing and networking with people of common interest and purpose and it is highly recommendable for your personal brand.

Cooperate with others and brainstorm each other while helping one another get to his/her feet. We all need each other people because we are not islands but humans!
Team work cooperation can help you brand your reputation as well as opening new opportunities.


Pride of yourself while branding yourself will not build but destroy you. Humility is the best policy when branding yourself because people value you more than your ego.


People hate dishonest people; that is, people who claim to know/have this and that when they really don't have anything or know nothing. I just talked with a friend of mine who on his blog, had posted something about pretending. We conversed about it and actually, it is surprising that more and more individuals need to learn about being honest and start practicing moral values and ethics in business.

If for instance, you are a freelancer, remain a freelancer rather than fooling around with what you are not capable of.

Be honest to yourself and to others too. Do you know that there are three people whom you can never cheat and that before you lie, they already know that you are about to lie? Well, let me give some hints. They are; God, Satan, and Yourself. I guess you had guessed the first two. Right?
If you are promoting a scam program or product; why not go for something legit instead, be honest and be straight-forward about it?


We all have been faced by one, two or more problems that are beyond our capabilities. Neither humans nor nature guarantee anyone to be free from problems but it is a guarantee that someone else maybe a leg, hand or a head to our system to exist. That is, we depend on each other in one way or another.

The secret to success is to be ready to help others realize their way to success.
Benjamin Disrael once said that the greatest good you can ever do for another is not just share your riches but reveal to them their own. Start helping others right now if you have something that you have a success prove of.e.g. a business program, an automatic software that earns you cash while you sleep and etc.

14.Be Patience

You cannot achieve everything in life within a fortnight or month's time but it will take time. Hence, what you need to take you through that period is patience. Hurry hurry has no blessing and things that are done in rush end in shame!

As a successful-to-be person, you have to be patience before things start to unveil themselves.
Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. Delay may give clearer light as to what is best to be done says Kahlil Givran.

15.Self Discipline

In the previous article, 6 Golden Ds Of How To Become Successful, I talked of D-Discipline as one of the features to be successful. Once again, I would like to bring it to your attention that self discipline in all aspects of success and in your life as general is a requirement that you need to possess so as to be success.

Your self discipline can be personally, financially, time and before others too! This trait makes you stand out from the rests hence your brand can easily be recognized and sort after.
Speak your mind in the comment field below and feel free to share with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more others too!

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