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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Geeks Vs. Hipsters

A guest post by Absolutelytrue.

It seems the world is run by geeks, designers of video games and computer languages, while hipsters, somewhat free-spirited artsy people, retaliate against the norms of international society.

Geeks rely on rationality as a basis for their needs unlike the emotional drive of hipsters. In other words, the late Steve Jobs was not a fashionable person because he wore glasses due to a vision problem. Therefore, overweight geeks would not wear skinny jeans if they lack the body figure for such clothing.

Hipsters are expressive people as stated in their odd fashion and behavior. Thus, some artists and photographers are hipsters. It would be common to infer hipsters as the supporters of androgynous or gender-bending fashion. Also, hipsters live in their own enclaves because they are viewed as a fringe of society. Some people argue that hipsters are ostracized by society even though they are just individuals enjoying non-mainstream culture.

From: Become Career

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