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Friday, September 16, 2011

Internet Marketing: 10 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Hello marketer,

I have been in the internet marketing world for the past years and during my years as a newbie, I experienced both good and bad sides of it. These through scamming, spamming and more other mistakes that I or someone become a victim of. I almost came to a crash this year when someone hacked into my Facebook account. It took me a long time to recover but I learn my lesson from there.

The present marketing is exploding with more people joining internet marketing as a new form of making money. Well, there are thousands if not ten of thousands trying to make money online. This new approach and every opportunity created has its errors/mistakes which hinder one from achieving what he/she wants. I have come to learn that the following are 10 common mistakes that should be avoid in your internet world.

1.Jack of all trades.

The moment we enter marketing, new and old ways of earning comes our way, and as newbies, we tend to develop 'multiple stream of income' attitude without realizing that it's master-of-nothing type of marketing.

Multiple stream of income is good but that does not mean you or I promoting every program or opportunity that we think can make us money. Luck is there you can make some few dimes but won't be successful with it because you don't know it, have no success prove of it and experience as well.

It is recommended that you do what you love doing and you'll have more chances of succeeding with it than promoting something because someone is making money with it. Even the easiest way of making money can be hard to you but simpler to someone else!
To read more about Jack Of All Trades, my previous article has Some Hints and Tips on how to avoid being master of nothing.

2. Talk too much about yourself

Pride comes before fall is what wise men says. The worse mistake you can ever do in your marketing is to boast. Marketers fail to identify how to prove to their clients how they make money from talking too much of themselves. Having too many mouths of yourself is something that should be avoided at all cost.

You may share how you are getting your $1000 check every month but be careful how you say it because it may mean the opposite of what you meant.

3. Poor marketing skills.

Some type of marketings are network, affiliate, internet marketing + etc, but the skill behind these are those that can take you higher or bring you down. A comprehensive skill and knowledge of what you are marketing can take you to the top.

I have had several discouraging moments when I was beginning to embark on internet personal brand marketing but with time, mentors, much research and learning, I understood the dos and don'ts.

One of the contributing factor to failure is having poor marketing skills as a marketer. For instance, not knowing where to build list, traffic sources and other forms of marketing.
It is considered wise before embarking on to do something, learn what to do, how to do it and when.

4. Focus-less and vision-less.

Your target audience(market) is what your marketing should be focus on. Marketers who make it online are those who focus and base their visions on their niches and not the general.

Trying to fill every niche gap is not a good form that you can ever do but mean focus-less and it is time you change by learning to do what you passion for. This is the secret and only sure way to be successful.

5. Spamming.

Every company, organization or person is now learning the effects of spams and are now bringing in laws to punish the culprits. Some sites online have strict rules and regulations which guide against spamming.

Email marketers are prone to being reported as spammers because of the content and amount of information they release out to their subscribers. I am not scaring you away from subscribing to anyone's list but it is good to know what kind of information you are subscribing to.

Currently, new ones are arising which includes comments, articles and more other spamming ways. So take heed that you don' let your fat ass be on fire if reported to the authority as a spammer.

It is worth learning not to do then being escort in handcuffs to respond to the charges;). I love to hear none of readers who have read this article to be reported because of anything other than spamming which I touched a little bit of it today. Remember this that it is punishable by law!

6. Indulging in illegitimate schemes.

Have you heard of scams? These are illegitimate programs or schemes aimed at luring people to give away their money or anything that belong to them in return of a false promise. Frauds are increasingly becoming plentiful on the internet these days. Most major internet fraud occurs at:
  • Online Auction and Retail
  • Online Business/"Work-at-Home" Schemes
  • Online Investment Schemes
  • Credit Card Schemes
  • And more others

The best thing is to avoid any illegitimate scheme that may ruin your reputation and will keep haunting you throughout your life. Engaging in them let people not to trust you hence missing out in developing and growing your personal brand as a professional and individual too!

Newbies are the most affected victims because they can't figure out between legit and illegal programs.

7. Lack of integrity and respect for others.

Integrity and respect for others are the assets that every individual need to possess in their life with marketers included. The product or program you promote should have both quality and quantity meaning that it has value to your prospects. The ethics and other codes of behaviors should guide one when dealing with every person one comes across. The mode of communication has impact on how the other person perceive/interpret it and it should be at every marketer's finger tips.

Examples in collecting personal information like email addresses, names and contacts should be taken care of while explaining to that person how you are going to use or share that information. Otherwise, integrity is crucial and consideration may be taken.

8. Ignorance kill audience's moral.

How many times have you tried to avoid or ignore answering an email or comment on your article? One is likely to lose to competitors if ignorance crept it way into the being.

Every time your audience inquiry about your product, program or about information you provide and you keep on paying your least attention because according to you, it is not worth your respond. It's actually going to kill their interest and make them go elsewhere that they will be given attention.

9. Inability to meet expectations.

Customer/client satisfaction is all it need to make likely sales as a marketer. Just look at big firms like the Virgin Group, customer satisfaction comes first and that is the reason behind their success! Your prospect have their expectations that they expect from the product or service you provide.

This expectation can be quality in your product or service or any other thing. Promises are also other things which test your ability to deliver and meet expectations. Failing to do is your inability to meet your promises and expectations to them.

For instance, in article marketing, if a writer promise his/her readers an article about lets' say; How To Make Money Online with a free e book, within a day or two, he/she does so within that given period and containing the promise as well.

10. Plagiarism.

These days, with numerous information, products and programs, copying and pasting from other sources is becoming a norm for plagiarists. In simple terms, copying others' content which is not yours is plagiarism which means interfering with intellectual and copyright rules and rights.
This form is common in article marketing and it is against the law and one is likely to be persecuted if found with someone's without permission or credit. Be careful with some resell rights and private label rights because this is where most people claim ownership of others' property.

To be on a safe side, stay away by not copying others' and always ask permission before publishing any content.

I now want to hear from you. If you know other common mistakes that you think I haven't include, be free to share them through the comment filed below. I am human and I may not know every corner of the knowledge world and would appreciate to hear from you.

To your marketing success,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.


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