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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I, You And We Are Our Own Secrets To Success !

Hello fellow,
It is a fortunate moment for you that you have come across this article which is what everyone out there has been looking for!
The world of today is so busy of it lots of people, with some achieving what they had dream of while some in tears. Life is just everything whether good or bad or something in between, it is for You, I and We.
Today I am much concerned with the secrets to my, yours, and our success and that is why I want to reveal to you the secrets. Before I do that, let me first ask you this question; What/who do you think is the secret to success? The first secret is:


I have been through the years trying to figure out how exactly do one become successful. I tried all odds of strategies and formulas but it was like chasing the wind. I learn that nothing on this planet can make me a successful person except myself. How??? Why??? and the questions continues.... Because I have to:
  • Believe in myself and what I do.
  • Change my life attitude from negative to positive.
  • Invest in myself.
  • Remain focus with visions, goals and knowledge as my guidelines.
  • And more others to do.


You wanna be successful? Aren't you? The secret to success is You growing and developing every part of your life.
You are the first secret to you becoming successful and I come next to supplement your personal brand. I may do you good or no good but the fact is to start with your life where you are now.You want to ask: Why?
Well, the person next to you can help you in one way or another to achieve what you want in life. Humans depends on one another in many ways be it survival, becoming successful, being famous etc, we all need each other. So you never know I can be your next person to open opportunities for you.


Team stands for: Together Everyone Achieve More. For everyone to be successful, we be together to help and support while building success milestones. A team according to literal explanation, it is just a group of individuals who have come to do a particular task together.
We are the secret to becoming successful if we become a team. Individuals with different ideas, skills, and talents brought together to assist each other makes a team. You have seen in soccer where different players are put together to form a squad which plays an opponent team. The winning will not require individual effort but all players to do it and that is what I mean us(team) joining efforts to fail or be successful together.
Team work is a very productive and wonderful platform to achieving success with less efforts. This because everyone contribute to help you become successful while you also doing the same to others!
Therefore, we as a team should commit our efforts, resources, talents etc together to help each other to be successful.

Your Success Tips

It require patience and much effort to be successful, so be focus as you continue doing what you love because this is what makes others attain success.
Remember that also to not give up easily even if you fail and correct where you went wrong.
Otherwise, stay tune to my future articles. I am glad and appreciate your time please.
To your success,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

Your Spare Time Tips

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