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Saturday, August 6, 2011

To Maintain Your Position Is Harder Than The Position

Congratulations to you dear Mr./Mrs./Miss…….!!!

Whether a CEO, Author, Pastor, Teacher, Student or whoever you are, you have a position you hold. I want to say congratulations once more and keep up that position!
We all want to be somebody in our lives; even a 10-year old child says that he/she want to be a doctor, pilot, like one of his/her parents etc. Why?

The grace of God gave us these gifts called abilities to do something or be somebody in the society.
However, once we make it and take up that position, still, we find it is worth leaving that position. This is because we find it harder to maintain it then by getting that position.

Various reasons pressure or challenge our ability to maintain it and therefore, feel like packing your things and go for good. Sometime, you try all you can to calm down everything by easing the situation but you are even drowning deeper and deeper.

What Can I Do To Maintain My Position? You asked.
Well, many have got their say about this question but this is what you should do:

Check Your Yourself In A Mirror

Begin by assessing your image in a personal balance sheet. I hope you know a balance sheet in a business. The reason for this is to find out what your image to you and others is.
Draw to columns with one side; you state (Assets) and (Liabilities/Weaknesses) on the other. Assets to you are your good qualities e.g. creative, friendly, handsome etc while liabilities are the opposites.

Be honest with yourself and fill in all you know. You can ask your friend or relative you trust to say something about you. Note; you don’t have to let the numbers to be the same. Just write the way they are, that is, if your assets/liabilities are more/less, write like that. After you are done, check if your liabilities are more and if so, then this is where the problem lies.

The remedy for this is to make a change of life by reducing your weaknesses and increase your assets. For instance, if one of your liabilities is that you are not good at saving; you can start a saving account and change your spending habits.

Other people are mirrors to us which we can assess ourselves from. Your mentors, friends, relatives or any other person can help you with self assessment. There are even plenty of such types online which you can try out. I use Young and Successful Network to assess myself.

Ask these people I mentioned above what they see or not see in you whether good or bad. Personal statistics are also crucial in self assessment e.g. Update your monthly or weekly statistics of what you have or have not done. If you want to maintain your position, you have to know your performances because without this, you cannot define your position in term of achievements or failures.

Personal performances can be doing poorly, fairly, well etc, and this can be gotten through goals you have set for yourself. If you have achieve less goals, than, it is poor; you did some and others not, this is fairly/balanced and so on.

Where Are You Going?

Do you have an idea where you are going or where that position is leading you to? Is it leading towards your plans/dreams? Are you happy with that position you hold?

If you don’t know where you are going or where that position is taking you to or maybe you are just there in between, then, it is harder and out of your power to maintain that position. You have to know it direction and be the person behind it and driving it otherwise, if not, it is wise opening your eyes earlier!

If your position hinder/restrain what is important to, I suggest finding a way to make it balance or favorable to what makes sense in your life. A position which allow one to be his/herself is recommendable, that is, it open ways for growth and development while living a fulfilling life.

Is This Position Right For You?

To err is human and every time we make a poor decision, still, we have to forgive our actions and try our best to do what is right.

If by mistake or forced into your current position; accept it, forgive and let it be the past. If you think you don’t have the capacity or what it takes to hold it, why not analyze and decide if to stay or quit.

Sometimes our weaknesses hinder us even thought we qualify and therefore, if that is the case, just improve on your assets by reducing the liabilities and do more with your life.

Accept Failures And Never Dwell On Your Past

“Everyone tries; few succeed, some fail and none give up is what success is,” this is what I always says.
If you want to maintain your position and succeed with that position please accept your failures and don’t quit but work harder even more. Your past can never define you or the position to hold nor can you buy back the past. This is because your future is greater than your past!

So decide today and if not, then today will decide for you and you will decide tomorrow which is planning to fail.

Many of life’s failures are people who do not realize how close they were to success says Thomas Alva Edison. Maybe you haven’t realized that you are facing success face to face right now. Try different approaches to it if your first strategy didn't work.

Be Focus And Do What Matters

You may have realize that when you do too many things at ago will earn nothing but failures. Yes. Don’t be Jack who runs all type of trades.

Follow your target per your objectives and goals. Your position should be in line with what you adore and that you always want it to be with you at all times.

It is a nice of you reading through this article and I hope this is going to help you! Sharing your say about this would keep us in touch, so, do so by leaving your comment or subscribe.

To your success,
Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

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