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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Top 6 Problems of Outsourcing Your Writings

In essence, outsourcing occurs most in IT, research, maintenance, customer care/support among others. Since February, many projects have come my way and I decided to give some of these out for others to help.
Down the alley, it helped me achieve quite a number but problems increase significantly, some beyond me. This added to my experience in the outsourcing world. Lately, realize that I was not alone. In fact, many had had worse.
I would like to help these pals who are still under the bondage of outsourcing. Below are 6 problems you are likely to witness if you have been outsourcing your writings.

3 Reasons Why People Outsource 

  • Lack of competent labor within. 
  • Cheapness of external labor. 
  • Desire to concentrate efforts in other important tasks. 

Advantages of outsourcing your writings 

  • Cost of operation is reduced. 
  • The service is fast hence not time consuming. 
  • Easier access to specialized experts who will guarantee quality. 
  • Output cost is low compared to input. 
  • Low risks as risks are shared with your outsourcing partner. 
  • Gives you flexibility so as to channels your efforts in other vital engagements. 

Problem #1: Threatens security and confidentiality of information.

A business performs well through the information that it has within and once these get exposed to wrong hands, it's likely to put the business' future at risk. The information you outsource may holds the lifeline of your business and by giving an outsider a peak into them may not be bed of roses.

Solution: First evaluate the outsourcing client's services and don't forget to make the terms of service and other policies clear. These include usage and protection of your data from access by third parties among others.

Problem #2: Lack of product knowledge and customer focus. 

Most outsourcing clients work to profit and their lack of expertise of your audience and the products can ruin the success of the business. This implies that, they'll work as per their viewpoint. I once tried outsourcing my writings to some guys, though some were satisfying while majority frustrate.

Solution: We communicate differently and the way you make your clients understand your products is not the same with the way others do. Hence, induction is crucial if you want to get the best out of your outsourcing partner.

Problem #3: Discourage growth and development of employees. 

Continued dependency on outsourcing your writings to outsiders will hinders your employees' ability to be innovative and industrious in their work.
Confidence, belief and loyalty in your workers also get questioned and when they notice it; your relationship get stained and strained.

Solution: Outsourcing your writings should only happen when your workers' workload is more than they can handle within given duration and capacity. The work itself should be by the one that your firm does not deal in.
Employees love being appreciated in their efforts to meet your goals and as their boss, you must play a role in making them understand the reasons why you decide to outsource the work.
Moreover, if you are working for yourself, understand that you are limiting yourself from growing and developing your writings. 

Problem #4: Recruitment problems. 

Relationships build via referral-ship (networking) affect businesses in one way or another. Betrayal in outsourcing has been on the increase. At times, the parties that feel let down will go against the other in revenge and in this case influence others who you may recruit in the foreseeable future.

Solution: Outsourcing is not where all works between you and your client end but rather an opportunity to learn and benefit from each other even in the future. A poor mutual work creates a bad image and as the owner, you ought to relate well with all stakeholders regardless of all circumstances.

Problem #5: Capital limitation. 

Some outsourcing companies and individuals in their own power of exploitation charge large fees. Business owners with limited finances cannot venture into large pool of talented professionals. This therefore, means that if they want to get quality, huge investment must be allocated.
Due to this problem, it has caused many to forsake other vital aspects of the business by straining all available finances to fund outsourcing activities. Otherwise, others ended up hiring clients who'll produce sub-standard works.

Solution: As much as one may try to be productive in the outsourcing area, it is wise balancing the book so as to avoid one mouth-grab-it-all decision. On the other hand, a proper feasibility studies into outsourcing sector is very important if you want to mine gold in a fortnight.

Problem #6: Hidden Costs. 

The contractual agreements involved in outsourcing writings have hidden costs that spring up here and there. For this case, this mainly occurs with foreign/oversea partners who when knowing that there are no proper laws in place; they will use these to deceive. After which, one'll only realize this later.

Solution: It's your duty to analyze all information from terms and conditions, privacy policy to all your rights. In regards to freelance writing world, we opt to make things easier by going via short cuts.
Though this option is preferable by many, it is a surefire way to downfall and therefore, you need to be prepared in all fronts to avoid misunderstanding and legal confrontations.


Outsourcing your writings increase productivity, makes you flexible as well as rewarding. It's recommended that you evaluate before you outsource your writings. Have you ever outsourced your work to someone/firm? What problems did you witness? Share your experience below.

Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

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