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Friday, April 25, 2014

Review: Top 4 Student IT Jobs

IT students, who would like to work in the IT/ICT sector with their experience and skill limitations, can’t much the requirements of the employment industry.  Most are positioned to enter jobs via internships or less-demanding jobs.

Pros of Student IT jobs

  • v  First hand job experience
  • v  Competitiveness nature of the employee.
  • v  Compensation is great.
Cons of IT Student Jobs

  • v  Some fraudsters control a pie in the jobsphere (New word J)
  • v  High competition from other prospects.
  • v  Information overload from too many job sources e.g. online
Surefire Ways to land IT jobs
v  Networking
v  Use Internet
v  Volunteer if necessary

Review of Student IT Jobs

21st Blogger reviewers review jobs available for IT students. They include:

  • Freelancing e.g. Data Entry Jobs e.g. 
  • Typist, writer or programmer.
  • Blogging/Guest Blogging Sales agentInternship at IT firms
Student IT Jobs  #1: Freelancing

There are various firms who are looking for individuals with a knack for details and are fast both on/offline. Charging varies going from $5 to $7 per hour. This is a very good opportunity to many IT students with limit skills. Examples are typist, data entry, researchers among others.

There are many jobs for IT students. Among sites that you can find these jobs are RentAcoder, Odesk, Freelancer, Guru, or some within your area.

Do also take note that jobs available within your local area can be traced through various means such as newspaper, radio or referral from someone you know/knows you. 

Student IT Jobs #2: Work as a Blogger/Guest Blogger
Students in the IT department can also work as bloggers/guest bloggers. This type of jobs is simple.

For a blogger, you can just register on free blogging platforms like Blogger, Tumblr or Wordpress. Once your site is up and running, post some content and connect it with Adsense or any other PPC site that will run PPC ads on your site. You’ll earn every time a visitor on your blog click these ads.

Guest bloggers on the other, their job activity is not hard either. If you are skilled in a certain topic, look for related blogs and, request for guest blogging positions. Paid jobs for guest bloggers are available online.

Once accepted, you can start submitting your posts and at the end of a certain period of time, you’ll get your payment. Examples of such jobs are: write short post and get paid $5 at Lifehacker, guest bloggers wanted at All Things Writing.
Even bloggers can make money like these bloggers’ jobs at Problogger Jobs Board.

Student IT Jobs #3: Sales Agent

The other available job opportunities for students who are in the IT sector are distributorship jobs. Various marketing companies seek students who are willing to market their products and at the end of the sale, a commission is offered.

Whether it is selling software or other digital IT products, the taste of working as well getting paid a commission is quite irresistible.

Student IT Jobs #4: Internship at IT/ICT firms

Most firms do accept interns to gain work experience as they apply what they had learnt at school. In developing countries where technology is lagging behind, IT students have high opportunities.

As a student, just identify the jobs that match your competencies and launch your application to them.

IT students should have a reason to smile as it’s now mandatory for almost all job applicants to have basic knowledge in IT/computers. The notable part is that those who are proficient in IT have more chances unlike their peers.

Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog who writes reviews and general articles.

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