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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to Make $5,000 Writing Articles

Hi Money Searcher,

Making money online has taken out world into jumblers and ramblers of online money seekers who want to make money online.

Whether it’s selling your product, affiliate commission or make $50 per article; all are suitable to make anyone extra or full time income while working in the house!

A note here: Not all are able to earn money online, instead, according to our internet stats (actual) about 97% fail while the 3% are earning passive income online.

I am not sure if you are making money, about to or not getting any income online at all. I am here to explode a little simple way of earning yourself over $5,000 or more writing articles within the comfort of your home.

Article marketing; is it dead or alive?

Internet marketers or proclaimed article gurus are confusing everyone. You can’t understand if it’s actually dead or not. Is it really dead? Share it in the comment below.
I have a different version of the story.

Through my writings (I mean articles), I am getting my income from it though I have some other streams of income like money from my blog, affiliates etc.

Plagiarism, low quality or spammy content have a fair share of the spoil. Article marketing nowadays is like aquatic animals wanting to feed on others e.g. During BP oil spill period. In short, there are individuals who are trying if not struggling to earn through their articles. I am in some ways struggling too!

Finally: The secret is that it is not a dead-end trap but you can make real money.

How to make real money from article writing

I want to take a bold step to show you how to make more than $5,000 writing articles. Content is king. Isn't it? Right. 

Blog, ezines, websites and other die-hearted companies need content which is why you can be paid money to scribble some 500-3000 words on a white piece of paper or blank Ms Word page. And that is where the $5,000 deal lies!

Due to this demand for content sites such as Associated Content (Now YCN), WritersWeekly, Demand Studios, Freelancer or OneSpoonataTime, they are in dire need of your articles. Since I love putting my mouth where money is, I keep article writing for money first as this is where my passion lies.

Do you need any requirements to make money writing articles?

According to many, there is no need. You can be a graduate or whatsoever but if you have the passion, basic writing skills, determination and maybe some bit of frequency of posting keyword-filled articles, you can pat your chest.

Next go ahead and change the name I greeted you with above (Money searcher to money maker) to suit your new role. Otherwise, would you love to speak your mind? You can do it in the comment.

Since I don’t have much to add to this, I have to conclude that you can make real money writing articles. You can find more on where to get work writing articles from Oni’s 30 websites on where to make money writing articles article.

Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog
 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

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