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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Review: Would You Love to Pay to Watch YouTube Videos?

Last year (May), news of our biggest channel where billion of users watch videos for free -YouTube circulated that users who watch YouTube videos to pay. Even though this payment subscription news has been on cloud for sometime now; I took an analytic review of this new approach.

Videos unlike texts, they are loved by many. In fact 40% are likely to respond to visual (video) than text context. Moreover, a site that has videos on it disposal has a bouncy rate of 59% compares to 87% of textual sites. This also means that a user is likely to spend 5 minutes 50 second on a video site and 42 seconds on a text site.
On the other hand, videos generate a large amount of traffic. For instance, lately, Batman, through uploads, searches, it generated over 3 billion views which put it on top chart as the most popular and winner. Readfull Batman story on YouTube Trends .
As you can see above, videos are going to be the traffic sources for most websites in the near future. Just like the way everyone seem to have a Facebook account, at least every Internet user at watch YouTube videos once in a while.
Facts about paid to watch YouTube videos channels
  • Price -> $0.99 -$6.99 per month -discount available only on yearly basis.
  • 14-Day free trial period
  • At the launch, 53 channels participated - a number which was due to increase.
YouTube Viewership Stats
  • It receives over 1 billion unique views from users every month.
  • Viewers who watch YouTube videos has increased by 50% more than last year's 2012. I.e. Users each month uses 6 billion hours to watch a video. Factually, this can translates to 1 hour for each person on Earth.
  • In 56 countries, YouTube is available locally in 56 countries and across 61 languages.
  • The rate of subscription has doubled more than last year's. YouTube receives millions of subscriptions each single day.
  • Every minute, users uploaded video worth 100 of hours to YouTube.
  • Close to 70% of visitors/users who watch YouTube videos comes outside of US.
YouTube Monetization
So far, even though YouTube wants to add the payment option;
  • Already, YouTube has more than a million advertisers that run on Google ads.
  • TrueView is the commonly used platforms by thousand of advertisers on YouTube.
  • Revenue that will be generated once this becomes fully operational (it is not available worldwide now) looks rewarding.
Review: Pay to Watch YouTube Videos
Bloggers and Internet analysts have gone through this new model. Months down the line, it's still getting tested and tasted.
Consumers have received this with mixed feelings. But most agree that if the premium content is quality, at right price and not free anywhere else, they would pay for it. And that is my take. Does this Sounds good?
Video makers have an advantage as they enjoy free videos hosting as provided by YouTube.
You can launch your Pay to watch YouTube videos channel here.
Food for thought
Would you pay to watch YouTube videos? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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 who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

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