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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Top 5 Legit Jobs I Can Do at Home

What kind of jobs do you think you can do at the comfort of your house? Do you wanna know the jobs I can do at home? If yes, let's get rolling below.

The need for easy, flexible, and passive income jobs is growing. The only jobs that allow one to get are work at home jobs. If you have been looking for real jobs you can do at home, below are proven jobs

Job #1: Blogger

Working as a blogger is one of the jobs that I found to be real and has a lot of potential. When I came to learn about blogging, I weighed my options and decided that this job was suitable for me. There are millions of blogger nowadays who doing these jobs in their houses and offices as well.

Job #2: Affiliate Marketer

Promoting my products or someone's and earn money is also one of the jobs I can do at home. I only have to join any affiliate site like Clickbank or Commission Junction and promote what I love. Affiliate marketing pays handsomely and if you don't have product to sell online, sign up for one of the above sites.

Job #3: Writer

Writing is also one of the jobs I can do at home in my bed. I only have to register at freelance writing sites or write for a newspaper and at the end of the month, a fat check. The job requires knowledge, research skills, and fastness in meeting deadlines. Freelance writing sites are very many.

Job #4: Web Designer

This requires one to be skillful enough and practical approach. Many businesses and individuals are looking for websites. Once I finished my course, I'll be in a better position to design my own sites for personal and commercial use. This job can be done anywhere as long as the below requirements are available.

Job #5: Consultant

This job requires someone to be an expert in a certain field/topic. I realized that I can work as a consultant when a friend of mine on APSense requested me to offer her some advice on her membership program. At first, I wasn't sure what to tell her but as a friend with little online knowledge; I gave her some few tips.

From those tips, her business's profit incredibly increased three times than what it was earning. She wanted to pay me but I turned it down. There is $$$ in this job and clients are willing to pay if your input is invaluable.

Therefore, if I can offer my services at a fee; this job can fit as one of the jobs I can do at home if I choose to.
  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Mobile phone
  • Free time
  • How to avoid being scammed at home

    Safety tips
    The jobs I can do at home are quite simple to find online but to avoid fraudulent activities, the following safety tips are important. Remember, I only learn these tips after trying. So for your case, what have you found out? Below are safety tips before choosing a job you can do at home. Educate yourself first.

  • Real 'work at home' programs or 'systems' that you have to pay to use.
  • Pay attention to what other users are saying. E.g. testimonials and reviews.
  • Use your common senses -It isn't possible to read emails and earn $100 per mail. Everyone would do this job. Right?
  • Do proper Google search. You see, if you search, ("work + at home + jobs"), expect to get many results from both legit and illegal jobs alike. The best thing to do is to search on legitimate job sources e.g.,
  • Know this fact:-Google is an information source.
  • Huge promises with less efforts or investments are signs of scams, so avoid them.

    Working at home is fun. I remember the time I earned $57 for the first time online writing some few articles, I couldn't believe it. Even though some work at home programs are legit, scammers/fraudsters want to take advantage of innocent people.

    In the past years that I have been online, I tried many. The experience has made me identify legit jobs I can do at home from ponzis. On the other hand, one thing I have come to learn about these jobs is that, if one is ignorant to learn, job traps have been set.

    The fact that people are in dire need to pay bills, support family among others with peanut salary is frustrating. Take heed that you do your research before going for a job. You'll be surprise if authorities will be chasing you dealing in illicit businesses.

    To sum it up, there are some many jobs I can do at home and so do you too!
    Do you know of any of other jobs you can do at home? Share it in the comments below.

    Malok Mading –Is the author of this blog who writes reviews and general articles. Join me on Twitter or Facebook.

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