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Friday, September 20, 2013

4 Quickest Tips and Tricks to Improve your Brain Memory

Our memory is one of the crucial organs in our lives. It plays a number of roles. From reminding us of about ourselves to our daily and past but also gives us the knowledge that we need everyday to survive. At school, we use it to learn new things; engage with everyone. We use memory when we learn new lessons at school or when we are studying for an exam. People who can remember things easily tend to relate well and at times are good conversationalist. Have you been wanting to improve your brain memory? If yes, this article is going to solve that. I have combined both preventive and some practical tricks and tips to improve your brain memory’s functioning. Below are some of them:

1. Change your lifestyle

Your lifestyle should be changed in a way that some vices that cause constraints to your brain memory are avoided. Stuffs such as smoking and drinking hurt our brains slow by slow. So minimize or stop them completely. When are in stress, our body get weaken and the immunity system get affected. Stress reduces memory skills and this should be dealt with properly. To keep this at bay, you need to keep your brain busy as well as give it enough rest. Some simple methods used to get rid of stress are meditating, sleep or chewing gums.

2. Change your diet

Diet on the other hand is also important for our brains. Foods can make powerful brains and if you want, you can go for brain foods such as proteins and choline. Other food types include omega 3, soya, milk, peanut and meat. They are rich in protein and help in the brain development. Veggies and fruits which are rich in ant-oxidants and can make our body stronger. Children whose brains are still developing need to be encourage to take these food to help in their growth and development.

3. Exercise your mind

Our brain slows especially when we don’t engage it well. Research studies have proved that without working your brain to a certain percent, it’ll not benefit you as expected. Forgetfulness is one daunting factor people suffer from. To avoid this, games such as puzzles, chess or any other strategic activity like work can actually reduce Alzheimer and improve your brain memory. Therefore, exercising the mind is a preventive measure you can use before old age catches you.

4. Use memory techniques

Quite often, we assume that our brains are powerful hence we cannot absorb any type of information. You are destroying it! They need a break. Some techniques like use of mnemonics (word phrases that represent a lot of information) can help activate remembering. While in school, I use that memory technique and upto now, I still use it. The other best technique is association. This works by relating what you don’t know with anything that is familiar to you.


There are many resourceful tools you can use to improve your brain memory. Example is, How Lumosity Has Made People More Smarter review. The downline is not to overwork your brain as information or activity overload at times affect it functionality. What have you done to improve your brain memory? Share it below.

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